National Sleep-In Day is Saturday, February 19th!

I love to sleep.  I love jammies.  So when I read about PJ Salvage and Wild & Free‘s National Sleep-In Day my immediate response was, “Count me in!”  They had me at their initial premise: SLEEP PROMOTES WELL-BEING.  In case you haven’t already heard about it here are all the details on how you can participate, and even win cool stuff:

Take the “Benefits of Sleep Survey” right away.  This will educate their design teams as to what the consumer wants.  I’ve already done this, because I am SO picky about my jammies, and I’d love it if more companies made them just the way I want.  By taking the survey you get a chance to win a National Sleep-In Day Gift Pack (jammies and slippers).

On Saturday the 19th post pictures and videos to their Facebook Fan Page and Twitter for the “Best PJ Salvage Sleep-In Contest”.  You could win jammies, a robe, or slippers every month for a year!

Host a sleep-in at your house and post those pics on Facebook and Twitter as well – the “Largest Group Sleep-In” wins jammies and slippers for everyone.  Parents of teen girls, please take note.  And buy popcorn.

Here’s the best part.  PJ Salvage and Wild & Free will be donating 500 sets of jammies to the Pajama Program, a non-profit charity organization that provides jammies and books to orphanages and foster homes!

disclaimer: I have in no way been compensated for this post.  I just thought it was way cool and wanted to share, ’cause I’m awesome like that 🙂

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