Need to Escape the Winter Blahs? Here’s Your Book!

So cold. Metal pierced Alexander’s abdomen before he could utter a word of protest. The lighting of the bright crimson flames that ate away houses and street signs blurred into an ominous wavering dance of embers.

How’s that for a hook?

One of the many wonderful things about Kenny, my Kindle, is that he has encouraged me to branch out and select books from genres I don’t usually read. I’d read mainly commercial women’s fiction for so long, and I was missing so many treasures. I recently read a fantasy/sci-fi book called Awakening. It’s the first in The Genesis Saga, and let me tell you, I can’t wait for the second book to come out!

I won’t give away the plot line (I hate spoilers), but I will tell you not to make any plans once you download this book. Laundry piled up, dinner was frozen pizza, and the house was a mess until I finished it. The characters are well-developed and compelling, it’s fast-paced, and the plot had just enough twists, turns, and surprises to keep me from putting it down – but not so many I got confused. The setting and dialogue were so natural I felt completely immersed in the world of The Genesis Saga. There’s nothing I hate more than stilted dialogue unless it’s poor character development. Yes, I’m picky about my books and there are several best-selling authors I refuse to read for exactly those reasons.

Ian Eviston did a spectacular job with this, his first novel, and as soon as I finished it I posted to his Facebook wall asking when the next book would be available. Would it be inappropriate to send him a copy of Misery to motivate him? Yeah, I guess that might be a bit stalker-ish. In the meantime I’ll just chat with my kids about what they think might happen next. My twenty-year-old finished the book before I did, and it’s entirely appropriate reading for my thirteen-year-old as well, so he’s next up. The link above is for the Amazon version, but here’s a link for you Nook fans: Awakening

I love finding a new author I enjoy, especially when it means a new series. What are you guys reading lately? Are you reading the same genre as usual, or are you branching out?  I’m linking up this week to Share Your Awesome, because I want to get the word out about this fabulous new author!

Priced at just $4.99, it is now available in every format your little heart could desire at Smashwords, or, if you prefer, it’s also for sale in a Kindle version at Amazon or a Nook version at Barnes and Noble!

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4 thoughts on “Need to Escape the Winter Blahs? Here’s Your Book!”

    1. I swear, I’m so anti-fantasy/sci-fi that I never even finished Lord of the Rings! I got to the part with the talking trees and thought, “This is stupid.” So I figure if I like it it’s sure to appeal to a LARGE group of readers 😉

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