Nerium in a Nutshell

Have you been seeing before-and-after pictures on FaceBook and wondering what this Nerium stuff is all about? Wondering how it’s any different from the twenty other “anti-aging” products you’ve bought?
The anti-aging stuff you can buy at the drugstore is allowed to call itself effective because it has a 2-4% fine line and wrinkle reduction via subjective study (people looking at pictures). Medical-grade anti-aging products have a 5-7% reduction. Nerium has an average 30% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles (as high as 60% in some patients) after thirty days as verified by facial MRIs studies performed by a third party – not the company itself.

This is my favorite picture. I refused to use it until recently because I didn’t believe it was the same person. Then a Brand Partner came forward and identified the woman as his mother. I can’t remember her age, but this is before and one year after.
confirmed pic

What exactly does Nerium do?
what nerium does
And that’s just the night cream (day cream optional). Wait until I tell you about Nerium Firm, for everything from the neck down – YOWZA!

Email me for more information, including how you can get your Nerium products free!

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