New Favorite Scrubs!

Today I wore my new scrubs from to work. I have been wearing scrubs to work every day for the past twenty-one years, so I suppose I qualify as an expert. When Blue Sky Scrubs offered me free scrubs in exchange for a review on my blog I jumped at the opportunity. Their website talked about “making women look and feel beautiful” and I thought, “If there’s something out there that can make me look and feel beautiful when I go in to work at 4 a.m. BRING IT ON!” I ordered the scrubs from their simple and user-friendly website and they shipped later that same day – WHOA! They were sent UPS, so they arrived very quickly, and look at this nice packaging:

Tissue paper and a thank-you note – I sure haven’t gotten that kind of customer service when I’ve ordered scrubs online before. And when I unwrapped them I was even more impressed. The tag says they are a cotton-polyester blend, but this fabric is like no other I’m familiar with. It’s lightweight, but not too thin, and soft, but not clingy-staticy soft (yes, I’m picky about my fabrics). These are VERY comfortable scrubs. I especially like the top, which looks like a regular tunic-style scrub top on the website, but has a slightly shorter and tapered cut that is comfortable and flattering.

Not so short that you’re flashing skin when you bend or reach, though, and the sleeves are a relaxed cut, not the short, tight fit that so many of the “fashion scrubs” have right now. Who buys those things? Are there 12-year-olds wearing them to school or what? Now here’s my favorite thing about these scrubs: this “miracle fabric” that hangs so nicely also seems to repel stains AND dries in seconds – literally! I can’t believe they don’t mention this on their website, because I know I’m not the only nurse who splashes water on the front of her scrubs when she washes her hands or who drops her late lunch in her lap trying to drive and eat at the same time. I can’t wait for their line of labcoats to go on sale, ’cause I will be all over those! Of course there are some drawbacks, but they are few. There are only two styles of women’s scrubs for
sale on the site, the Simple Scrubs (what I ordered) and their Original Scrubs, which have a lot of contrasting decorative stitching on them that I thought looked a bit too Western. And there are very few color choices for the Simple Scrubs: ceil blue, black, navy, or light gray. I got the light gray and it’s a very nice color, not boring at all. The Original Scrubs have a much wider variety of colors available, so I’m hoping the Simple Scrubs line will expand. The prices are mid-range, and for the quality and customer service you get, it’s a steal. I’m certainly going to be ordering from them again!

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