new kitchen in progress

Here’s the reason I haven’t updated my blog lately – my wonderful new kitchen cabinets! Last fall we gutted and remodeled an old “enclosed porch turned into den” area into a new dining room (I love to lay tile!) and now our old dining room is becoming the new kitchen so our old kitchen can become a laundry room / pantry. It’s going to be awesome, but it’s a slow process. Especially since the guy doing all our remodelling has a very “artistic” temperment and can’t be given any deadlines, have his judgement or work ethic questioned, or be annoyed in any way. I swear he’s worth it, though. Look at that gorgeous black stain with just a hint of shine. Not shiny-shiny show-every-fingerprint gloss, just a subtle glow. I can’t help but touch it when I walk past.

And check out these cool pull-out drawers! They will be behind cabinet doors (not finished yet) and are specially designed to hold all my Pampered Chef crap. I swear I’m addicted, and it was driving me crazy digging through messy drawers looking for that cute little spatula or the cheese slicer.

And here’s my new microwave, our first new appliance for the new kitchen. We’re going out later today to get a sink, faucet, dishwasher, and maybe lighting fixtures – WOO HOO! But, anyway, my computer is still in the room that will be the kitchen, so I can’t really blog when Mark’s working (might annoy him), and he’s really slowing down my progress on FarmTown and Farmville, too.

And Sam, well, she’s just exhausted from all her supervisory duties. She has to sit in the doorway and watch Mark work, and if he looks her way she has to wag her tail. I think she needs a break.

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