New Little Friend and Getting Ready for Derby ~ Feel Good Friday

It’s another Feel Good Friday! I have to show you a picture of my adorable new little friend. I was in Hobby Lobby and he jumped out and said, “Take me home!” Isn’t he cute? And his head wobbles! I had no idea I needed a metal garden sculpture of an ant, let alone a bobble-head one, but obviously I did. The other thing I’m excited about is that Blog Derby Party starts tomorrow. Pretty please stop by and visit!

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4 thoughts on “New Little Friend and Getting Ready for Derby ~ Feel Good Friday”

  1. I love him!!! I have a blue metal bug and my mom has another kind of metal bug. Sometimes we steal each others and move them around. I have come to really love my little cratures in my garden. One day a frog was there and it was so real I screamed. My husband bought him!!

    I read up on the blog derby and that really sounds fun especially since I know absolutely nothing about the Kentucky Derby aside from horses and hats.

    I like hats.

    Have a happy Friday 🙂

  2. He is adorable — you should name him Anthony.

    Of course, my boys would stand around, screaming at him. Then, they would grab a stick and beat him to 'death'.

    I love you, but now I cannot come to your house. 🙂

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