Next Time You’re in the Candle Aisle . . .

Thursday night was “Show and Tell”, one of my favorite marching band traditions. The last night of 8 am – 8 pm band camp the parents bring lawn chairs and settle in to watch a couple of run-throughs of that year’s show. They performed 2/3 of this year’s show (very impressive for this point in the year) and it looks great. I think Jack may have been paying more attention to the cute girls in the band than to his big brother, because on the way to the car he said, “You know, if you want to say something romantic and can’t think of anything you should just compare a girl to a scented candle.” HUH?! You know, Mom, just say, “Your eyes sparkle like

. . .” and then the name of some candle. I named a few of my favorite candle scents as we drove home, but I don’t think telling girls their eyes are like pumpkin pies, cinnamon sticks, or almond cookies is going to get him many dates. Good thing he’s got several years to work on his technique before prom.
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