NOT Mom of the Year Part II ~ Revenge of the Tween

The Mommyologist and Life Without Pink are really onto something with this NOT Mom of the Year competition they’re hosting this week! After I wrote my own NOT Mom of the Year post even my kids were intrigued, and they usually go to great lengths to deny any association with my blog. My youngest, in fact, insisted he had something he wanted to share, so he helped me with a vlog. OK, he pretty much did the whole thing – I just showed up, sat where he told me to, and played along. That’s the reason our heads aren’t cut off and there’s audio. The vlogs I do on my own are pretty easy to spot (EEK!).
I was just surprised he only had one complaint. I think he was being sweet because he’s afraid of losing his cell phone. Yes, I got him a cell phone a couple of weeks ago. It was a bribe to get him to ride the bus home from school this coming year. You KNOW how I hate carpool! Oh, and as per John’s request, here’s the story of how he came to change his name in the fifth grade.
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8 thoughts on “NOT Mom of the Year Part II ~ Revenge of the Tween”

  1. Loved the vlog!! Your son is a cool dude. I haven't tried the whole death threat thing yet, but I'm sure I will in the future!

    I LOVE that you had a part 2 to your post!!

  2. I think that is so AWESOME that not only did you do a follow up but your son wanted to do a vlog. That just made my day!!!

    Thanks so much for participating. I had so much fun reading every entry!

  3. Wonderful vlog! Humm, death threats. I remember high school health where the teacher was talking about childcare and told us if we threatened to kill the kid, we'd better do it or else they'd never believe us again. I laughed…then.

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