Novenas and Senior Superlatives


— 1 —

I have completed so many more novenas since I starting getting regular emails from the Pray More Novenas site. The right ones just always seem to come at the perfect time! I just finished a novena for marriage and family with the Nativity of Mary yesterday, and saw the first pictures of my grandchild, just the size of a raspberry! I’m afraid Pinterest is going to shut me down for pinning too much per day – LOL!

— 2 —

My youngest told me he was filling out his nomination form for senior superlatives the other day, and that brought back some fond memories! My husband and I both pulled out our old yearbooks to see how categories have changed over the years. Surprisingly, they haven’t changed that much!! Wendy is still Most Humorous, Jennifer is still Most Friendly, and I guess I’m still an appropriate Miss Bryan Station since the entire building had to be torn down and rebuilt a few years ago!!

— 3 —

Here are the Senior Superlatives I’d like to see included:

Most Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. This person would have to be clever, adaptable, and not too sentimental. The yearbook photo shoot would be awesome!

— 4 —

Most Likely to End up on a Reality TV Show. The perfect category for those attention-seeking people whose behavior and clothing choices make even their best friends cringe.

— 5 —

Will Have the Largest Family. This alone will be a reason to attend reunions! Did someone have quintuplets? Adopt an entire orphaned family? Have several of their own and then marry someone with several more? I’d love to know who has the biggest family in my graduating class, and I’d be so jealous!

— 6 —

Most Likely to Commit a Felony. This doesn’t have to be a “bad” thing. It could be a crime committed while bravely disarming a terrorist. It could be killing a fiend with a van full of children he was planning to sell into sex slavery. Then again, it could me a meth cook or a rapist. Interesting to see which way the student body and/or the nominees take it!

— 7 —

Most Likely to Age Well. My friends Wendy, Jennifer, and Kim would be in a dead heat for that one! Without a name tag I doubt anyone would even recognize me. But that’s OK. Back then I was lying out in the sun slathered in baby oil and iodine and wearing size three jeans thinking I was fat – LOL!!!

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