Now is the Time . . .

Nerium International has had around five hundred million in growth since day one. Only three products at this point. We’re growing at a rate that is blowing other Network Marketing companies minds! Our CEO, Jeff Olson, says what we have done so far won’t compare to what this product will do for us in the future. If you don’t know the name you may want to Google him and his history.

Did I mention his projections have been right and have been surpassed with each product we have launched in the past? Do I trust him? 110%! If I didn’t tell you about this I would feel guilty. In fact, I would be doing you a disservice. Maybe it’s not for you, but maybe it is. Maybe this could be your out? Your retirement? Your financial freedom? It could be anything you want. No ceiling. Have an open mind. You don’t need to call me or text me and commit today. Come to an event. Hide in the back. Whatever. I will give you a FREE sample if you come, and just listen (that’s the only requirement). You will see yourself what the buzz is about. Just let me know when you’re ready to come to an event an I’ll find the easiest one for you to attend 🙂

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