Off to a Fresh Start


— 1 —

Late May. When I was a little girl I’d check my grandmother’s mulberry tree every week, because when the mulberries were ripe it was time for school to end and summer to start. Living in the middle of nowhere, I didn’t really want school to end – that was where I saw my friends! But summer was nice because Mom would take me to the library every two weeks and I’d get all the books I could carry. Then I’d throw a quilt in the yard and read while getting a tan, or carry my book along the creek on my grandparents’ farm until I found the perfect spot to curl up and read for a few hours.

— 2 —

 John has started taking his grades more seriously (or so he says) and so for his AP World History Exam I offered the use of my lucky pencil. This #2 pencil, only two inches long now, with an extra eraser replacing the one worn out decades ago, was last sharpened with a pocket knife. A pencil sharpener takes too much off. I used it for every important test in high school; for my PSAT, SAT, and ACT; and for all my important exams in college.  My GPA in high school was greater than 4.0, and my GPA in college was 3.5. I trust the pencil. He thinks he aced the World History exam, so we’ll see.

— 3 —

I got together with a group of old friends for dinner the other night. It was larger than the usual crowd, and some didn’t instantly know each other. But we were all nurses. And if you’ve been a nurse ten years or more in the same city you’ve probably worked together. At worst you have one nurse friend you’ve both worked with. It’s like seven degrees of Kevin Bacon, but you only need two degrees. Seriously, try it out.  I caught up on all the gossip in our city’s entire medical community that night.

— 4 —

Orphan Black fans – please give me your input. I’m several episodes behind because of my son’s busy social schedule, but I’m not loving the male clones. I think to try to find any actor to do what Tatiana Maslany has done with her creation of the various clone characters is just a bar set way too high. All the male clones look alike, sound alike, move the same way, have the same mannerisms – and they’re all asshats. Tatiana gave us clones we could all identify with simply a close-up shot of the mouth. Clones we love, clones we hate, and clones who may live next door! I hope this fabulous BBC show hasn’t jumped the shark this quickly.

— 5 —

OK, first I discovered Jamberry nails, which everyone else has been wearing for years (Facebook party in June, peeps!), and now I’m learning about Scentsy. I really should have learned about this one sooner because I adore scented candles, and if I’m not using them my house smells way doggy. But I forget to blow them out. So Michael is like the candle police, blowing out candles whenever he sees them burning, even if I’ve just lit them. He’s always afraid the dogs are going to catch their tales on fire, which is a reasonable concern.

— 6 —

The big excitement this week? Gwennie Bee. I’d seen their stuff on a couple of blogs, but I really hadn’t thought about using the service. I have pajamas, and I have a couple of pairs of yoga pants and some sweatshirts and T shirts that fit. I have one cotton maxi-dress from Old Navy I bought years ago with a navy cardigan. That and the 3/4 sleeve knee-length black dress that will fit if I wear spanx and take a diuretic are fine. Usually. But there’s a family wedding coming up, and my niece has asked me to be a reader at the wedding. I’m super-excited, and I want to look good.  But with no money and a gastric banding in my near future shopping was just not an option. 30-day free trial of Gwennie Bee to the rescue! I will post pictures, but let’s just say getting beautiful, comfortable, and figure-flattering dresses for the rehearsal and wedding was a no-brainer. This service would be perfect for someone who has to dress up on a regular basis, but is losing weight, so doesn’t want to buy expensive pieces. (I’m listed as Angie Ballard if you’d like to tell them who referred you!)

— 7 —

I saved the best for last. Our EHT arrived yesterday!! Michael and I both need to take 2-3 memory tests before we start taking it, but the people who paid extra to get overnight shipping are already raving about their results.  An anti-aging product for the brain – so exciting! I’ll keep you posted 🙂 Feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to hear about less expensive pricing options.

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6 thoughts on “Off to a Fresh Start”

  1. Can’t wait to hear what John got on his test! Lucky #2 pencil and all. Why on earth do you need gastric banding???? You’re amazing just the way you are. Let me know how you like Gwennie Bee. It always kind of creeped me out wearing clothes that have been all over Gods creation. Any Who.
    Let me know about the EHT as well…. Lord knows I could use the brain power!

    1. Oh, Lord, honey – I’m 5’4″ and weight 275. I had high blood pressure even when I was small, but my low back pain is SO bad I can’t even walk all the way through Kroger. Gotta get the weight down to get the pain down to get the activity up to get more weight off – and so on. I’ve scheduled and cancelled a half-dozen times, tho, ’cause it’s not really something I WANT to do :/ I’ll send you pics of the fab Gwennie Bee stuff. Just like brand new (they sell anything that starts to show wear) and gorgeous!

    1. There’s a great YouTube video on how to put them on. But after the instructions she gave during the online party were perfect – even with my tremor I put mine on easily. Best part for you is NOTHING would go to waste! Plenty of little fingers for scraps to go on 🙂 And, umm, Paula put the party together. ‘Nuff said 😉

  2. #3: Denominational ministry is similar. My husband is a 4th generation pastor and I am forever going to things out here in southern California and being asked if I’m related to ________ based on my last name. (My answer: “He’s my husband/father-in-law/husband’s grandfather/husband’s great-grandfather”.) A couple years ago, my father-in-law went to a conference where someone looked at his name tag and asked, “Are you related to Jen?” I had the best time in the world with that!

    #5: My favorite Scentsy bar is “Just Breathe”.

    1. That’s fabulous!! But with all those connections you can’t get away with ANYTHING! If you and your hubby decided to take a second honeymoon on a clothing-optional beach it would be all over the state before you even got home – LOL! And thanks for the tip – I’m placing my Scentsy order today 🙂

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