Oh Yeah, They Can Thank Me Later.

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Oh, thank God, Dumb Mom is still doing Thank Me Later Thursday. I REALLY need to rant a little this afternoon. The people who can “thank me later” this week for not absolutely ripping their heads off are as follows: my neurosurgeon, the radiologist who’s supposed to be reading my MRI, and the scheduling chick who doesn’t understand how to use the phone.

I’m having neck pain. I’m not talking about, “Gee, I must have slept funny” neck pain, I’m talking about neck pain that makes it impossible for me to think clearly enough to sort laundry and makes me so grumpy I started the day today by swearing at one of my bosses and throwing something across the room. It was just a pen and I didn’t throw it AT him, so I still have a job (for now). Anyway, sobbing hysterically on the phone with your neurosurgeon’s office will usually earn you an MRI, which I had on Tuesday. No results, no phone calls all day yesterday; no results, no phone calls all day today, then this afternoon I get a call from this scheduling chick who tells me the radiologist won’t read my MRI until I have a few more images taken. Really? And when did the radiologist make this request? About a day and a half ago. Mind you, I carry two phones and a pager at work all day in the hospital she was calling me from, where, by the way, I am paged overhead about a thousand times very single day. I have voicemail at work and at home, voicemail on both my cellphones, email at work and at home, Facebook, and Twitter. And, as anyone who’s had any sort of medical procedure can tell you, before they touch you these people confirm every contact number you have. So no, honey, I’m not buying that you’ve been trying to contact me. And guess what? The next appointment available for me to have these extra images is not until Friday afternoon. Fabulous. So in all probability I’ll be waiting until Monday for any results. WHEW! I feel better now. Stop by Thank Me Later Thursday at Parenting by Dummies and have your own little rant.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, They Can Thank Me Later.”

  1. Thank goodness you got all that out of your system before Michael and the boys got home. I'll call him and tell him it's safe to come home.

  2. Oh no! So sorry this happened! I hate medical professionals and their friends. Does that make you feel better? Me bad mouthing the culprits? Thank me later I'm fine with that!

  3. That's awful. Glad to be the listening ear so you don't have to go postal (medical?) on the "team". I hope you get the healing you need for your neck. I have a "pen-throwing neck" from time to time. Ask my kids. They've learned a lot of useful vocabulary.

  4. Oh gosh that sounds awful! It is so frustrating to wait and be on someone elses timetable. I hope you get some answers very soon!

  5. OMGOSH! How awful! I'm so sorry you are in so much pain and won't have any sort of help for it for so long. Just awful 🙁

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