OK, I’m Up and Ready for the Wedding . . .

official engagement photos

If I weren’t off work recovering from surgery and infusing IV antibiotics three times a day I’d be up anyway, getting ready for work.  So I though, what the cuss (Yes, I just watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox) I’ll watch the royal wedding!  I watched some “prep” shows last night to get ready, since I pay no attention normally to what’s going on in the world.  Here’s a site to help sort out everyone’s titles, and here’s a link to the official program in PDF form – print one out and follow along.  I even have champagne chilling for mimosas, although that doesn’t sound terribly appealing at the moment. I have my iPhone charged and will be following the Twitter stream under the hashtag #RW2011.  Have a lovely wedding, everyone!

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One thought on “OK, I’m Up and Ready for the Wedding . . .”

  1. I wrote about the royal wedding as well!!!! I’ve been waiting to watch all of it. So glad I’m off on Friday’s.

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