Old Guy Band Day – I’m Sleeping With a Rock Star


You’ve all heard me talk about my husband Michael’s “Old Guy Band Day”.  You may have seen our friend Tony (guitar, bass, background vocals) sign in on FourSquare at “Turn 3 Studios” (which is my basement).  It’s named after the third turn in the infield at Churchill Downs on Derby Day, and it’s well-known as a den of sin 😉  I joke about it, but these guys are actually quite talented.  In fact, they have an album (just two songs) for sale as of a few days ago.  One of the band members, Les, passed away December 11th of last year.  One of the songs he wrote (Please Come Home), and he sings lead vocals on both of the songs that have been released. This wouldn’t have happened without Michael’s friend since childhood, Albert, of Costa Verde Records.  Here are links to the two places I’ve found it, but I hear it’s available for download on many more sites.

or iTunes if you search “please come home, moonlight mile”. For some reason I can’t get an iTunes page to link. In other words, I’m sleeping with a rock star. So are Angel (Tony) and Denise (Paul). I’m so sorry Beverly passed before this happened. She would have gotten a huge kick out of this!

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