One of THOSE Weeks

— 1 —

I keep staring at the calendar in disbelief because how in the world can so much change in just one week?!  And it’s now August, too?  Holy smoke!

— 2 —

Twelve-hour days at band camp have been great for John.  I was worried when camp started, because he’d come home really discouraged that he just wasn’t “getting it”.  Now he’s confident and happy, and I have a good feeling about the year ahead 🙂

— 3 —

I went to my Internal Medicine doc for a routine checkup and asked him to take over ordering my muscle relaxers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories since my Pain Management doc was obviously just pulling drug names out of a hat.  Without hesitation he volunteered to take over not just those medications, but my pain pills as well, so I can stop going to the Pain Management office entirely.  I thought for a moment I’d cry from relief.  Then we talked for a long time about what has and hasn’t worked for me and agreed on meds, labs, and follow-up.  I had a bounce in my step coming out of there and the first call I made was to cancel my next Pain Management appointment 🙂

— 4 —

There’s always some sour to go with the sweet, though.  When my doc’s medical assistant called to give me my lab results and tell me what medication changes and follow-up labs were needed for those she also had my MRI report.  This was the MRI Pain Management had ordered in June, but had never notified me of the results.  My doc remembered me mentioning it casually (I figured if there was anything exciting someone would have called me) and had requested the report from the hospital.  I have herniated a third cervical disc – the one just above the last one, which took three surgeries to fix 🙁

— 5 —

For an hour or so I just curled up in bed, stunned.  If I were any more sedentary I’d be a three-toed sloth – I have no idea how I keep herniating these discs!  She’ll be sending me a copy of the report, and then I’ll decide if I even want to discuss it with my neurosurgeon.  If it’s not compressing my spine or causing worsening symptoms I plan to ignore it.

*Update: It’s compressing my spine, but I’m still hesitant to go see the neurosurgeon.  I’m gonna do a bit more research, think and pray about it a bit more, then maybe to talk to the neurosurgeon with the understanding that it’s a ‘talk only’ visit – no scheduling of invasive stuff.

— 6 —

Oddly, after that first hour, when I seriously considered not telling anyone about the report, even my husband, I’ve been exceptionally calm.  When I tried to pray about it no words even came.  This is a total “Thy will be done” situation as far as I’m concerned.  My goals are to be as comfortable as possible and enjoy life as much as possible.

— 7 —

On that note, let me say Happy Anniversary to my awesome husband, Michael!  Twenty-seven years today 🙂  We’ll be celebrating in lawn chairs watching the marching band practice this evening, and I can’t think of any place I’d rather be.

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4 thoughts on “One of THOSE Weeks”

  1. Win some, lose some. I’ don’t know what to say about the spine issue. That must be pretty disappointing after all the care you’ve taken.

    However, more to the point, congratulations! Have a wonderful day!

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