Only A Week Away . . .

This time next week Aaron will have moved into his Freshman dorm. The only time I felt anything close to this up until now was when I was preparing for him to leave for Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico four years ago. He was gone for two weeks – no contact during that time. He hiked in, hiked out, carrying everything in his backpack. He had been training for months and was going with experienced leaders, but I still felt like I was sending my little boy out to play with bears and mountain lions. I’m dealing with the stress now the same way I dealt with it then – I’m cooking. So today I asked Aaron what he would like me to cook this week – what foods he thought he would miss most while he was away at college. His eyes immediately lit up and he said, “Oh, you know what would be great. . . “

“that frozen Chicken Cordon Bleu from Kroger!” Sigh. Where’s a mountain lion when you need one?

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4 thoughts on “Only A Week Away . . .”

  1. This completely reminds me of my brother, who lived on freakin' Hungry Man frozen meals when my mom is the best cook EVER! Boys.

    Your son will miss your cooking when he's away! Promise.

  2. Just wait until his first trip home, in about a week, he'll be asking for everything homemade he can think of.

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