Tissue Paper Stained Glass


I wanted to make something special for my latest Godson, Daniel. It needed to be something spiritually meaningful, but something that could be enjoyed by the entire family. So I decided to make something myself, and to pray over it while I made it. The Sacred Heart Novena was the first to come along after Daniel’s birth, and I was amazed at how prayer completely relieved all the stress that usually accompanies my making-it-up-as-I-go-along craft projects! I started with some mulberry paper, which is essentially handmade tissue paper, which gives it a bit of extra texture
mulberry paper
I drew out what I wanted on graph paper
graph paper
but soon realized I was going to have to wing it if I wanted the project done before Daniel was potty-trained. So I gathered all the shades of blue together and made them a crucifix, then used all the other colors to make quilt-blocks and fill in the odd spaces. I held it all together with scotch tape.
scotch tape
Then I laid the whole thing out on my dining room table, which I’d covered with garbage bags. I used a foam brush to spread glossy Mod Podge over the tissue, gradually removing the tape as I worked. There are no pictures of this step, because I quickly realized that once you apply anything water-based to tissue the tissue starts to dissolve. So even after three coats over three days this was a pretty fragile creation. If I did it again I’d put a huge piece of white tissue down as a base layer.
mod podge
After that the real fun started. I used 1/4 inch black tape (like what is used on dry-erase boards) to define all the colors. It covered up almost all the imperfections, and made all the colors really pop!
For the hard work I brought in the guys. I’d bought the size trim I wanted for the frame, and they measured, cut, hammered, and glued for me :)
I used regular electrical tape for attaching the tissue to the sides (not too much tension!) and covering the edges of the frame.
As big as it is, it’s very light, so it can be hung anywhere. I think it would be cute with a strand of LED Christmas lights behind it, or over a window. Maybe I can even get creative and make other designs as Christmas gifts for next year!


Simply a Good Week


— 1 —

It’s been a good week. Just typing that makes me smile. I got to spend some time with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time Saturday, and we promised each other we’d get together more often. We understand each other, and since we met at low points in both our lives we can celebrate even the smallest victories and laugh at our largest problems.

— 2 —

 Sunday I spent time with one of my favorite families, and I got my baby fix while being named Godmother to Daniel, the latest member of the Kennedy Kaboodle. There’s nothing like the smell of the oil of the Chrism on a baby’s head. Sadly, I missed Maeve’s post-baptism leap into the pool. That video certainly would have made a fabulous family keepsake!


— 3 —

Big Nerium news this week! Huge bonuses can be earned in February and March, so if you’ve ever considered working from home or wanted to increase your income without changing your schedule contact me ASAP. I’m excited about helping my family financially and, as always, about sharing Nerium’s ground-breaking products! If you want me to send you a two-week sample, I can do that, too. These are products everyone needs to try!

new nerium

— 4 —

John passed the test to get his driver’s permit yesterday, so hopefully we’ll have him driving soon. Right now our only functioning car is a tank, so it’s really not an appropriate car to learn in. In fact, I think they probably make tanks smaller and lighter than Sarah. And I’m sure it’s easier to parallel park a tank. Sarah laughs at most parking spaces.  She’s a plus-size girl, that’s for sure!

— 5 —

One year ago this week I was dealing with the fallout of my suicide attempt. I still have the same issues as a year ago – some of them are even worse. But I have a fantastic support system, good meds, and excellent coping skills. I’m looking forward to what life will be like a year from now.

— 6 —

A friend also insisted I try her “happy light” – one of those lights for people with seasonal affective disorder. I don’t actually think I have SAD, I just really, really hate cold weather, bare trees, and winter. Of course it’s fabulous for my hot flashes, so I shouldn’t complain too much. Anyway, I’ve only been using the light a few days, but I do feel perkier. We’ll see!

— 7 —

Oh, I found a brilliant board everyone should follow on Pinterest. It’s called Life Hacks by Lynne Hughes. I think if I just memorize everything posted on that board my life will be all rainbows and unicorns. Or maybe all patchwork quilts and salted caramel – unicorns kinda freak me out.

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Reviving the Intimacy in Your Relationship on Valentine’s Day

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias and its advertiser for the #LoveOurVDay Campaign. All opinions are mine alone.
gift bag
I went to Target the other day to put together something special for my husband for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if it’s that hypnotic bullseye symbol or something circulating through the air at Target, but no matter how short my list or how tight my schedule I wander. I have to stop at the dollar aisle when I first enter the store, and by the time I’m finished there I’ve completely forgotten what I’m shopping for and will likely stroll down every aisle. That’s not just me, is it?
When I eventually reached the Valentine’s Day section a couple of items had already made their way into my cart. I’d spent a long time deciding between a gift bag or a basket for my husband’s Valentine’s gift. I’ve been known to hoard baskets (I was up to two hundred at one point) so I went with the gift bag this time.
basket vs bag
My trip through the men’s underwear section wasn’t optimistic. My husband is picky about underwear (boxer briefs only) and I figured all the cute stuff would be boxer-only. But Target came through for me – cute boxer briefs with a pattern of hearts, Xs, and Os! Oh, and lips!
boxer briefs
There were no T-shirts or pajamas that caught my eye, but as I passed the books and magazines I caught a glimpse of February’s Family Fun magazine and my heart sank. I remembered all the years I’d waited for that particular issue to arrive in my mailbox so I could call my best friend in Atlanta to plan which elaborate DIY valentines we’d create for with our kids. My favorite was the plane with a lifesaver fuselage and stick-of-gum wings. I think it had a banner behind it with ‘You make my heart soar!’ But since my youngest is sixteen my valentine-making days are over. So after picking the perfect candy in the Valentine’s Day section I cruised along to the feminine care aisle where I found the new K-Y® LOVE products: Passion and Sensuality!
feminine care
Don’t bother searching for these anywhere else, though. They are exclusive to Target for Valentine’s Day. In fact, there’s 10% off on Cartwheel February first through the fourteenth! (Don’t you just love Cartwheel?)
on shelf
It’s past time for Valentine’s Day to become, once again, about me and my husband. We’ll have an empty nest in just a few short years, and it’s time to prepare for that. I don’t want us to be one of those couples who realize after the kids have left home that they no longer have any interests in common and have nothing to talk about. We’ve almost never done ‘date nights’, despite good intentions. Exhaustion, stress, chronic pain, and dire financial straits do not add up to relaxation and romance.

So I had to get creative. Michael is a courier, and keeps a small notebook in his car’s drink-holder for special deliveries or pick-ups not on his regular route. I bought him a new one in the stationary aisle and I’m writing romantic notes in pink marker on random pages. That will serve for months of sweet surprises for him during his work day, and I’m sure I’ll get a text every time he finds one. That should give me time to rest well, ice my back and neck, and time my pain pills and muscle relaxers appropriately. I can’t turn around a really bad pain day, but I can make an ordinary day more manageable.
notebook (2)
Final touches: a ‘fireplace’ DVD for the bedroom TV (or ‘rainstorm’ CD in the summer) and a scented candle. Once the teen has finished his homework and put on his noise-cancelling headphones to game a bit before bedtime I’ll drop a container of Passion or Sensuality into a cup of hot water to warm on the bedside table. No scent or taste, just warm, smooth oil to massage away the day’s worries and help this weary couple connect.
bedside table
What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Frozen Valentines with your own celebration after the little ones are tucked in? Or a full-out dress-up dinner with roses, champagne, and candlelight? Either way, K-Y® can help magnify your sensual connection. And let’s face it – with our hectic, stressful lives we can all use a little help!

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