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Michael and I met another couple for dinner. That in itself is cause for celebration, since I can’t remember the last time we ate out, but this time was especially magical because I got to meet someone I’ve known via social media for many years, but never met “in real life”. Every time that’s happened for me there’s no awkwardness, online friends really are true friends already!

I have beautiful, strong nails all the time dirt-cheap thanks to Jamberry. Love, love, love!

There’s a new super-fancy Goodwill near me that my husband found. It’s only been open about a month. And by super-fancy I mean it doesn’t smell bad, there’s plenty of light, prices are clearly marked, and there are even sofas and a coffee table for people who are waiting on shoppers.

I’m currently rocking a pair of size Medium pajamas, which totally blows my mind. I’m only three months out from surgery, and I still have a lot of weight to lose, but it’s going very well!

Marching band season is over. Yes, I’ll get all excited about it again in July (maybe) for now I am so over it!

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“Too Cute to Be Married”


— 1 —

Michael and I were walking from our car to a restaurant, talking abouts tidbits of nothing much, when we suddenly realized there was someone behind us. Michael said, “Oh, sorry for blocking the sidewalk” and moved to one side, and I moved to the other so a young woman in her mid-to-late twenties could pass us. We’d been walking slow. Even on good days in the Fall I’m pretty stiff and slow. She’d evidently been behind us ever since we’d gotten out of the car, because she said, “You guys are just too cute to be married! You’re so nice to each other I figured you must be out on a date, then I saw your wedding rings. I’ve only been married a year and my husband and I aren’t that nice to each other when we’re alone.” We told her we’d been married nearly thirty years, and she just shook her head, laughed, and walked on. But that comment has stayed with me. Michael and I are nice to each other, and evidently that’s something I’ve been taking for granted!

— 2 —

We were going to meet another couple for dinner, something we haven’t done in many years. Best of all, it was a woman I’ve “known” from social media for many years, who lives several states away, and her husband. They were passing through Louisville on their way home from Mammoth Cave, and it was a real treat to meet her “in real life” for the first time. She knew my Aunt Beverly, too, and had always assumed she’d get a chance to meet her. So talking about her and her passing was bittersweet.

— 3 —

Marching Band is over. This year was especially difficult for John and for Michael and me. It was extremely intense, John didn’t enjoy it as much as he has in the past, and his health and grades suffered. The decision about next year is going to be a big one.

— 4 —

The dogs are still not adjusting well to the time change. When Sam’s stomach says it’s suppertime she starts dancing around and barking, and there’s only so long you can ignore a dancing, barking 100-pound dog before feeding her. Boss doesn’t care as much, but sometimes he’ll howl just to be supportive. Then I’m sure the neighbors even want us to feed them early.

— 5 —

We totally skipped Halloween this year. We were able to combine Michael’s work day with a side trip to WKU, where John’s band was competing in the State Semi-finals. It was a longer trip than I can tolerate, and when we got home I went straight to bed. Michael set out a bowl of candy, but I think we only had one trick-or-treater. I did wear my Laurie Cabot witch hat to a Nerium get-together a couple of days later, though. I simply couldn’t go a whole year without wearing it!!

— 6 —

On the way home from WKU we saw a lot of what Michael termed “sin signs” with messages like,”Where will you spend eternity?”. There was one with the first five commandments, and I waited and waited for the second five, but never saw them. Somehow that made the trip feel a bit incomplete!

— 7 —

I’m so proud of Michael! He actually spoke in front of a small group of strangers about his experience with EHT this week. He’s not into public speaking, and certainly not about his own brain health issues, but he did it. And I suspect he was a bit proud of himself afterwards, too – at least I hope so!

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Open Enrollment May Be Your Light at the End of the Tunnel

This may be a different take on “light” than anyone else takes this week at Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop, but it’s what spoke to me!

I am so thankful that my family and I have health insurance! I haven’t worked since the spring of 2011, but since I’m still fighting to get SSI disability approval (at which time I will be eligible for Medicare) my employer still considers me on Extended Medical Leave, so I can purchase insurance. With my health history I would be uninsurable otherwise, and my husband’s employer doesn’t offer benefits of any kind. So I am thrilled every year when the Open Enrollment reminder comes in the mail!

I still remember the last Open Enrollment before I stopped working. Our company had been bought out by a large corporation, and so everyone was examining their options more carefully than usual. My supervisor and close friend had just returned to work after a life-altering illness, and I considered that a sign that I should sign up for the best of everything. . . just in case. Everyone was uninsured for a couple of weeks, although they assured us our coverage would be “retroactive”. I’m just glad I didn’t have any medical emergencies during that time! That was January, and later that month I discovered the cause of my increasing pain for the past two years – cervical vertebrae that had never fused. I had surgery in April, and again in May. When my FMLA ran out in July my pain had not diminished and I lost my job.

Thankfully, I had signed up for the higher paying option on both short-term and long-term disability. I had to fight CIGNA tooth and nail for every cent, but I did receive two years of disability payments, which is all any disability company is required to pay out. I was also able to keep my life insurance for those two years.

So hope for the best in 2016, but prepare for the worst. One box checked differently, a couple of dollars per paycheck extra, may mean the difference between being able to keep a roof over your family’s heads and not. Choose wisely.

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