When Your Hair Needs a Little Help

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There are times when nature doesn’t cooperate when it comes to your hair. Whether you are dealing with thinning, embarrassing hair loss, or complete balding, you need a solution. If you aren’t interested in painful surgeries or dangerous chemicals, you can always look to a company like Advent Hair to help you with your hair replacement needs. Choose from lace front wigs, complete hair replacement systems for men and women, or go with a custom hair system that has been tailored to suit you. Click here to learn more about your options.

Choose Hair Replacement that Looks Authentic
When you go with a company that has twenty years in the business, you can be assured that you are going to find a quality solution for your hair loss. Your hair is important to you. It’s a major part of who you are and gives you confidence everywhere that you go. A full head of hair makes you feel better about yourself. You want to look in the mirror and be satisfied with what you see. Let a hair replacement solution, one that isn’t painful in the least, give you peace of mind. Be it male pattern baldness, loss of hair from medical treatment, or simply genetics that didn’t give you the hair that will make you look your best there is a solution designed just for you!

Get the Look You’ve Always Wanted
When you choose a company that makes hair replacement its business, you will be able to get exactly what you want. Find the hair style can color that is a match for your natural hair. With custom solutions, you can get the right texture or even create a salt and pepper blend that will appear to be natural. If you feel like changing things up, you can always go for a different length, change your color, or opt for a completely new style. At first glance the options may seem overwhelming, but keep looking. There are so many options for texture, density, and curl that what you want is there. If you’ve used hair extensions or other hair replacement products before you will be thrilled you will be thrilled with both the quality and the prices.

Make Your Hair What You Want it to Be
You don’t ever have to accept hair loss. Don’t cause yourself distress or turn to expensive hair replacement solutions that can involve suffering as well. You don’t have to put a strain on your budget to get a hair replacement system that looks appealing. With a company like Advent Hair by your side, you will be able to find your choice of hair solutions, from extensions to wigs or hairpieces. Don’t lose another minute or more hair. Let your hair replacement system be the answer.


Seven Good Netflix Series


— 1 —

A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories. This one-season, four-episode series from BBC is just as fabulous as you would imagine considering it’s an older doctor’s early misadventures enacted via his journal with John Hamm as the older doctor and Daniel Radcliffe as the younger doctor. It’s very dark medical humor, suitable for your favorite medical professional who’s wondering how many patients they have to kill before they lose their license and their job and can return to the “real world”.

— 2 —

 Gossip Girl. It’s like a train wreck the first few seasons, with actors in their twenties playing high school students in Manhattan wearing the most horrific clothes imaginable. The characters grow into themselves, however, so hang in there. The last couple of seasons are actually worth watching.

— 3 —

Paradise, also a BBC offering, is a treasure. Not many episodes, but rather like Downton Abbey in its portrayal of the classism and sexism of its time. Beautiful costumes and locations, and scenes that would delight anyone involved in sales and marketing :)

— 4 —

The Tudors. I don’t like history. If it really happened, I don’t much care to read about it or watch it. But the costumes drew me in, an I became enthralled by Henry VIII and how corrupt politics were even that long ago.  We’ve sunk lower, but sadly, not that much lower.

— 5 —

The Following, with Kevin Bacon. The description sounded right up my alley, but I suspect Kevin Bacon has never turned down an offer. This one was perfect. Charismatic serial killer, beautiful but sociopathic followers, and an obsessed, haunted ex-FBI agent make for a “watch all night” series.

— 6 —

Witches of East End. Only ten episodes, but a fabulous story of generations of family cursed to repeat their history. Fascinating in a “Groundhog Day” sort of way. if Groundhog Day lasted a lifetime.

— 7 —

Gilmore Girls. I’m just getting started with this one, but have already developed a love/hate relationship. I want to drink soup bowls of coffee, but my stomach balks at that. Lorelei is much too perky for me, I prefer Rory, who pulls out a book and reads in the middle of a party. And The burgers and fries they leave uneaten make me so hungry! I never realized until I had no transportation how fabulous a burger and fries every now and then could be!

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Now is the Time . . .

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Did I mention his projections have been right and have been surpassed with each product we have launched in the past? Do I trust him? 110%! If I didn’t tell you about this I would feel guilty. In fact, I would be doing you a disservice. Maybe it’s not for you, but maybe it is. Maybe this could be your out? Your retirement? Your financial freedom? It could be anything you want. No ceiling. Have an open mind. You don’t need to call me or text me and commit today. Come to an event. Hide in the back. Whatever. I will give you a FREE sample if you come, and just listen (that’s the only requirement). You will see yourself what the buzz is about. Just let me know when you’re ready to come to an event an I’ll find the easiest one for you to attend :)

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