Is This "The One"? ~ Slim Shots

Could it be? Is this the diet aid that’s actually going to give me a little nudge in the right direction? Maybe. I am hesitantly optimistic. I’m been using it for two weeks and I’m down five pounds. That’s about the rate you’re supposed to lose at for “healthy weight loss”. That’s also all they tell you to expect after weight-loss surgery – I swear! Check the websites. Anyway, the important part is that I lost those five pounds WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING ELSE. I thought if I was going to review this product honestly I had to see what it could do on its own. I mean, what’s the point in saying, “I lost 15 pounds in a week using this, drinking only protein shakes, and working out for two hours a day every day.” So I read the instructions, “Drink your little Slim Shot with food and it will decrease your appetite for at least four hours, up to eight hours.” East enough! No small print saying “Don’t eat anything with fat in it or you will have to live in the bathroom for the next three days” or “Prepare to be so jittery you won’t be able to apply mascara”. Well, it did decrease my appetite. By the time I get an opportunity to eat lunch every day (usually about 7-8 hours after breakfast) I’m usually so hungry I make REALLY bad decisions – the “do you want fries with that?” kind of decisions. And then when I get home from work I’m so hungry I just grab the first thing I can get my hands on, and portion control is not a concern. While I was taking the Slim Shots (one with breakfast, one with lunch) I wasn’t EVER so hungry I couldn’t make a good decision. I would pass up the drive-thru and eat the salad I’d brought to work, or the Lean Cuisine -type meal I had stowed in the office freezer. And then I FORGOT to snack when I got home. I just didn’t think about it. And I ate more reasonable portions at supper, too, ’cause I just wasn’t that hungry. No side effects, no inconvenience – they even include a little plastic holder to protect your lunch-time Slim Shot so you can just drop it in your purse. I’m going to keep using this (best price I’ve found so far is on Amazon – $7.75 for 14 shots) and maybe add in some exercise sessions for the next two weeks. This could be the start of something wonderful!

It’s all about adjusting your expectations – Small Successes

Here are my three small successes for this week:

1.) I put away all the summer clothes and pulled out all the winter clothes. This included switching out my summer purse for my winter purse. My grandmother would surely have rolled over in her grave if I hadn’t done this. She would have no more considered carrying the same purse year-round than she would have worn white shoes after Labor Day or gone out her front door without lipstick. I’m still a slacker in the lipstick department, but I’m trying, Granny!

2.) I remained calm when I couldn’t locate my ten-year-old when I went to pick him up at an all-day drama camp. Inside, I was already hashing out a plan for a multi-state search with the FBI kidnapping specialists, but I appeared to be calmly waiting for my child’s skit, even though all the other kids his age had already performed, the actors in the last skit had just been introduced (no Jack) and I hadn’t seen him at all since I’d arrived. Turns out they’d bumped him up to the middle school group, he’d told them his name was John, and he was wearing a full beard and mustache. SIGH!

3.) I got through Jack’s parent-teacher conferences successfully. It actually went quite well. He and I chatted cheerfully on the way home about how well he was adjusting to his new school, what enthusiastic teachers he has, and what wonderful suggestions they had for him. WHEW! And I was just hoping for a conference I could drive home from without pulling off the road because my hysterical sobbing was blurring my vision. It’s all about adjusting your expectations.

Make Your Own Cards!

I’m just loving the Penny Pinching Party at The Thrifty Home! Check it out and join in! This week I want to share something that started as a frugal necessity and turned into a family tradition. I make my own cards – birthday cards, Christmas cards, anniversary cards, get well cards, thank you cards, all of it. I’ve done it for several years now, and it’s gotten to the point that if I’m short on time and stop by Hallmark for a card I get a disbelieving look or a “Are you mad at me?” phone call. And the family members all want cards that involve pictures. I used one of my favorite techniques on these two cards that are going out for grandparent birthdays later this month. All of my card techniques are modified scrapbooking techniques, and all my card-making supplies are leftover scraps from scrapbooking, school projects, etc, and that’s where the THRIFTY part comes in – these cards don’t cost ANYTHING!) Here’s the scrapbook page where I used this technique originally:

You start with both a color copy and a B&W or sepia copy of the photo you want to use. I print them up on my regular computer printer for card-making purposes. This stuff is going on someone’s fridge door, not in a frame. You can print on photo paper or card stock, either works well. Cut out or punch out a square around the subject’s face in the color copy. Attach it to a slightly larger piece of black paper for a border (if large enough) or just attach it directly to the B&W or sepia photo with a pop-dot or dimensional adhesive if it’s smaller. I love the way this focuses on the subject without totally cropping out the background. I’m thinking this would make an adorable Christmas card if I could just get everyone in one spot at the same time for a picture – what are the odds??

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