Pain ~ Saints and Scripture Sunday

Saints and Scripture Sunday

I am in pain and distress; may your salvation, O God, protect me.

~Psalm 69:29

Earlier this week was the two-year anniversary of my first neurosurgery for a massively herniated disc.  After two surgeries, physical therapy, aquatherapy, spine-only physical therapy, massage therapy, cervical traction, trigger point injections, cervical epidurals, a TENS unit, transdermal pain patches, special gel from a compound pharmacy, and oral narcotics I’m in more pain than when all this started.  Another MRI this week (I’ve lost count of how many this is) and then a visit to a new neurosurgeon in a couple of weeks.  St. Gemma, please pray for me.

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6 thoughts on “Pain ~ Saints and Scripture Sunday”

  1. I do pray for you, everyday. My whole church prays for you. You are so amazing. I really don’t know how you do it. At least God is giving you the strength to endure the pain until you can find the problem.

  2. You know I love you dearly, and admire your strength through this long, long trial. I certainly wouldn’t be as upbeat as you are. (and now I feel silly for calling you and complaining about silly things)

    Waiting here to help, however I can.

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