Paintball Bachelor Party ~ A New Family Tradition

Saturday afternoon Aaron’s bachelor party began with a family-friendly game of paintball. The prior generation of Ballard boys had golf scrambles for their bachelor parties, but since Aaron and his friends don’t play golf often enough for that to be fun we tried something different. John and two of his friends were the only experienced paintball players in the group, and we had friends and family from fourteen to seventy-nine along for the ride.

It was muddy and chilly, and I was so glad I wasn’t going along! They fourteen-year-olds talked strategy during the forty-minute drive; the twenty-somethings were all about running, sliding in the mud, and otherwise showing off; and Michael and his brother, Patrick, hung with their dad, worried that at almost eighty years of age Tom would have a hard time with all the walking involved. Hmm, not so much.

The first time out the newbies were still learning the ropes, but the second time Tom, Aaron’s grandfather, was the last man standing. They were in an “urban assault” area with concrete block buildings, and Tom took down half the guys who worked there before they hit him. In his own words: “It was like Boot Camp, but without tear gas.”

This is one of those stories that will be told generations from now, and I’m so glad it happened at Aaron’s bachelor party. There are wonderful memories to be made 🙂

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