He smelled of tobacco.
And of dirt and sweat and butterscotch candies.
I loved him to pieces.

He was annoyed when he had to take off his cap for his DMV photo.
Pissed when my fiancé suggested putting his dentures
in his mouth instead of his pocket.
But he did, and we still have that crazy-ass picture.

He gave the best hugs, and the most embarrassing advice.
He served moonshine at my wedding reception,
which I only found out about after watching the video
and wondering why all the men were going into his ‘shop’.

He hunted down the champagne cork from our toast
in the one-acre yard the next day and saved it for me.

He was proud of me, and I was proud of him.
Some days I miss him so much I can hardly stand it.
I wish my boys had a chance to know him better before he passed.

And when I heard this song of Miranda Lambert’s
it made me laugh
and cry
and remember him again.

No video, sorry! Just the music 🙂

I’m sure he’d have adored Miranda, and turned up the volume every time one of her songs came on the radio in Old Blue (his favorite truck). If he’d have ever met her he’d have slapped her butt, hugged her, and told her to stand up straight and keep her shoulders back.

He always wanted to have a beer with the local pastor. He should have converted to Catholicism with me. He’d have dearly loved buying a preacher a beer!

23. May 2018 by Angie
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  1. A beautiful memory.

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