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Share The Love

Welcome to  “Share the Love”, where I’m rounding up some artists and craftspeople who sell their wares directly to their customers. With the economy what it is I want to spend my money with individuals and small businesses whenever possible and I thought perhaps you, my readers, would be looking for ways to support the little guy as we start thinking about Christmas presents. None of these posts are sponsored, I’ve just invited these folks to show you their fabulous products and tell you how you can buy them.

Meet Rhissanna, who makes lovely paper clay dolls. These are not toys, but delicate pieces of art to be used at tree-toppers or ornaments, or perhaps as the focal point of a mantlepiece decoration.  I can’t imagine the time and patience it takes to create something this elaborate!

Here is Ella, dressed in red and green silk and ready to add the finishing touch to your tree:

Here she is with a ruler, so you can imagine her to scale:

Rhissanna has Ella for sell on her Etsy shop at a reduced price of $47.99 for Christmas with free shipping.  Look around at her other lovely dolls while you’re there!

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One thought on “Paper Clay Art Dolls – Share the Love”

  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this! What a wonderful write up. I’m blushing. Also, I’ve just sold my first doll through Etsy and suitable encouraged, I’ll be getting more dolls into the shop, hopefully a few more pretty tree-toppers, too.

    This is a lovely idea of yours, and I’ll be back to see what other crafters you feature. Thank you, thank you!

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