Parents of Teen Boys: There is Hope!

Many long years ago

When he gets his full driver’s license you will (believe it or not) be happy about it. Because by that time you will be completely exhausted, having been run ragged by driving him all over town and picking him up at times you’d normally be fast asleep. And when you run out of eggs, milk, or bread, you can send him to the store to get what you need. Don’t try to send him for anything more complicated, though.

Those classes he’s failing or nearly failing in school? He’ll take those classes in college and get A’s (which just proves he could have been getting straight A’s all along).

His filthy, disgusting room? Not a problem. He will move into a dorm room that will end up worse than you can imagine. Don’t visit the dorm room.

You will probably communicate more with him during college than you did during his high school years, but it will all be through text.

If he didn’t appreciate your culinary abilities when he lived at home, he certainly will now. No matter what anyone tells you, the food on college campuses is not good.

So hang in there – it does get better.

I don’t know who I’m trying to comfort with this post – you or me.  Remember, I’m the one who thought having kids seven years apart was a good idea.  So at nearly the exact moment that my eldest became this wonderful, mature, responsible person my youngest dove into the deep end of the testosterone pool in which he will be floundering for the next seven years or so.  *sigh*

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8 thoughts on “Parents of Teen Boys: There is Hope!”

    1. Since I only have boys, I can only speak with authority about the male of the species. But I do recall that the parents of my elder son’s female classmates formed a support group during middle school because they were so appalled by their daughters’ unpredictable moods and behaviors. I suspect boy-moms actually have it easier. Sorry.

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