Pegasus Parade and Why I Love my Boss

I wasn’t going to post anything but Derby-related posts for the entire two weeks of Blog Derby Party, but rules were made to be broken, right? And today’s big event is the parade. You know, floats, bands, yada yada yada. The theme of this year’s Kentucky Derby Festival and, therefore, of the Pegasus parade is “Spring Fever Reliever”. To be honest, unless you’ve got someone marching in the parade it’s just another parade. Let’s move on.

It’s been a fairly crappy week at work, which it often is for those of us who have to work all of Derby week and whose workload is no less because of the festivities. By Thursday NO ONE really wants to be at work. Everyone wants to either be part of all the fun or be asleep. Last week wasn’t one of the high points of my nursing career, either, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been thanks to my boss. Let me tell you a little bit about her.

My boss and I have been friends for nearly two decades. She’s been my boss for, what, about the last nine years or so? I’ll have to ask her. Anyway I was doing the happy dance in a big way when she became my boss because my job is very unusual and no one truly understands it until they’ve done it. Even my husband doesn’t really know what I do all day (and by all day I mean starting at 4:30 in the morning). So it is WONDERFUL to have a boss who completely and totally understands every nuance of my job. So she never needs any background when I’m telling her a work story. I can just give her bare facts or raw emotion and she’s there. Here are a couple of examples:

Day One in Hell (9:30 am – text conversation)
me: mean people suck
k: is there a song about that? i have seen bumper stickers. can you slap them?
me: so do stupid people
k: okay, must be (word removed to protect the annoying). yes, slap them
me: thank u! i feel better now
k: lmao (she only recently learned what this meant and now uses it as often as possible)

Now of course I did not slap the person in question, but just knowing that there would be someone who would understand IF one day I did snap and slap the stuffin‘ out of them made me smile, and made it easier for me to go on with my day.

Day Two in Hell (8:30 am – email conversation)
me: subject: supplies ordered
Since obviously I am supposed to be a magician to do this job properly I have requested a cape, top hat, wand, and rabbit (for the hat) from Purchasing. Just so you’ll know when they ask for verification. Once these supplies arrive I will need a new name tag that reads “Angie the Magnificent”.
k:I really like the new title “Angie the Magnificent”.

See? She “gets” me.

Day Three in Hell (6:30 am – me by phone, k by text)

me: Where’s my damn rabbit?

k: isn’t it too early for rabbits?!

I know you don’t want my job, but wouldn’t you love to have my boss?
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3 thoughts on “Pegasus Parade and Why I Love my Boss”

  1. I'd love to have your boss as my sister! She sounds like a HOOT! She must make your job a little bit more bearable…? Thanks for the giggles this morning!

  2. Angie the Magnificent should come with a pay raise! A good/great boss makes all of the difference!!!

  3. hi from the TMC! i so want to visit for derby week – we have family there so i need to visit. and your boss sounds awesome!

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