Aaron and Catherine took Jack to see Avatar this week while they were out of school. The next day I asked Jack about the movie.
“Oh, it was good. There was a lot of cursing, though..”
“Really? I’m surprised to hear that. It’s rated PG-13, right? Weren’t there a lot of kids your age in the theater?”
“Oh, yeah, lots. There was even a six-year-old sitting in front of me – I don’t know what his parents were thinking. They didn’t use the F-word in the movie, though, just all the other curse words.”
“All of them?”
“Yeah, all of them. I know all the curse words there are, so I’m sure they used them all except the F-word. Want me to tell you which ones they used? I’ll just say the first letter of each one.”
“I can’t believe it! They even used the Q-word?!”
” . . . . “
I savor the rare occasions when I can actually make that kid stop and think. And the next movie he’s seeing will be Alvin and the Chipmunks – no vocabulary boosters there!
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