Pick Your Hat First!

The cardinal rule of Derby outfits is pick your hat first. Buying a dress and then trying to match a hat to it leads only to frustration. Here’s my ideal outfit for this year:

Christine Moore hat

silk halter dress

Neiman Marcus ivory jacket

Kate Spade silk heels

Vera Wang necklace

Why? I wanted the hat brim large enough to celebrate the event, but not so big I’d bump it into people standing near me. The skirt on the dress has to be full, because there’s just as much sitting down as standing up and we don’t want to look all crumpled, now do we? The jacket’s because it HAS snowed on Derby Day, but the dress is a halter because it has also been seventy-five degrees and sunny. No purse, my sweetie can hold a lipstick in his pocket for me. And yes, the heels are higher than I’d like, but they’re just so darn cute I couldn’t resist!

And, as any well-brought-up Southern girl will tell you, you can’t leave the house without the appropriate foundation garments. Here’s a cute post about that. What’s your perfect Derby outfit? Head on over to Kaboodle and pick it out, then share it with the rest of us by linking up below!

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3 thoughts on “Pick Your Hat First!”

  1. There's a lady at church who wears a beautiful hat every Sunday. She has quite the collection, and she always looks so put together. I absolutely love hats, but I feel self-conscious when I wear them—guess I need to move to the South!

  2. I dearly love your Derby outfit. You will be beautiful. Don't worry about the heels, they have valet parking and an elevator to the club house. You will be fine. Maybe I'll find time to put my outfit together later. Red under garments would be great, you know, to match the flower on your hat.

  3. Awesome ensemble! You did it up right …. although I'm assuming it cost well into triple digits! 🙂

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