Pinky and the Brain, Graduations, and Other Ramblings

— 1 —

Pentecost Novena to the Holy Spirit – done. Craft I’ve been working on while I’m praying it – not quite there. Praying while crafting has, surprisingly, ¬†been a huge help. It keeps me calm and focused. I’m more adaptable. I’m less likely to swear like a sailor, rip apart my project, and throw it around the room. (Yes, I have actually done this. I have a temper which I keep under excellent control. You don’t want to be around if it runs amuck.)

— 2 —

A friend of mine . . . well, actually a friend of my aunt’s and my dad’s whom they went to high school with sent me gifts recently. This one is an angel drawing that I keep on my nightstand. Somehow the words I most need to see catch my eye each time I look at it. She’s a very special, very insightful woman. I hope someday I’ll meet her IRL.


— 3 —

My best friend throughout high school’s only son graduated last weekend. We were in crisis mode (yes, even more so than usual) and I didn’t get to go. I wanted so much to congratulate my friend and her husband, also a friend of mine during high school, on what a wonderful young man their son had grown into. I know what that feels like – it seems your heart could almost explode with joy. But I also wanted to visit the place he was graduating – the same place his parents and I had graduated from high school at in 1984 (Yes, I am that old.) Rupp Arena in Lexington. My graduating class was six hundred, and I think that was average for the time. I want to hear about the pranks they pull now, who behaved well and who didn’t . . . I’m going to have to get together with Wendy (who has the most amazing memory ever) and compare high school graduations in Rupp today to what they were in our day. Wine will be involved.

— 4 —

I don’t follow horse racing in a huge way, but I do watch the Triple Crown races, I know a bit about racing history, and I know the proper way to place an exotica bet in parimutuel betting. I am also quite familiar with common courtesy and how one should and should not behave in public. The way California Chrome’s owner behaved last Saturday was, in the words of my grandmother . . . common. In parts of California evidently this is apparently overlooked when one was an actor and has an excess of money. I think he will remain much happier if he limits his racing to those areas.

— 5 —

Now that I’ve finished being snooty (perhaps too much Ladies of London) I just want to say “thank you” to Netflix for providing entertainment for those of us who don’t have the patience to wait an entire week to find out what happened next. And yes, I did watch the entire second season of Orange is the New Black in two days.

— 6 —

Michael has this courier run occasionally that involves picking up peanut butter sample in one city and transferring them to another city for testing. The lab there reminded him of the lab in the old “Pinky and the Brain” cartoons and evidently there is a gentleman working there who looks like Pinky (bless his heart). Anyway, when Michael drops of the peanut butter and starts the trek home he texts me “Narf!” which was one of Pinky’s favorite exclamations. I wanted to text him back with a new “Pinkyism” each time – a phrase Pinky would utter during each episode that had nothing to do with anything. I got on You Tube, thinking I’d need to watch an entire episode each time I wanted one of these phrases, but believe it or not I wasn’t the only one in need of this info. There was an entire series of clips of nothing but Pinky-isms. Thrilling, yet disturbing in some way, isn’t it?

— 7 —

No number seven. My brain has shut down and it took me five minutes to come up with the word “episode” for #6. Sorry.

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