Pinterest Challenge – I’m In!

If you’re not on Pinterest yet leave me a comment and I’ll invite you. If you are on Pinterest and want to follow me click here. Now on to the important stuff: Sherry at Young House Love has identified a problem (too much pinning, not enough doing) and proposed a solution. Today she issued a Pinterest Challenge.

To participate, pick something you’ve pinned and DO it. Then blog about it and link up at John and Sherry’s on Tuesday, August second. I’ve done about a dozen of the over one hundred things I’ve pinned, but most of those are recipes. This time I’m going for a DIY item and I even made a trip to Hobby Lobby today in search of supplies. Are you with me?

Yes, I DO realize I’m soon going to need a twelve-step program for Pinterest. Do you think I could combine meetings for Twitter Anonymous with Pinterest Anonymous? Never mind, I’m not interested in quitting anyway.

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6 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge – I’m In!”

  1. I know exactly what you mean, I am a pinning and DIY addict. Since I found pinterest recently I’ve gone pin crazy. I haven’t been doing much diy’ing though. I just found out about the challenge ystd and am going out today to get my supplies. So I can get my diy on!!!

    1. Good luck! I just finished my project, am working on the blog post for it now. Check back for coverage of a pretty spectacular failure – UGH 🙁

  2. Hi, Angie! I only just found your blog AFTER I found you on Pinterest! I recognized the slippers in your blog header and checked to see if it was the same person I was following on Pinterest! Yep, it was! We seem to have some similar interests as you are following me too! I’ve only been on Pinterest for a short while and I’m definitely addicted! I know what you mean about actually DOING some of the things we’ve pinned! Guess I’ll have to pick something and try it! Can’t wait to see which of your projects you blog about!

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