Pinterest Pinners Beware!

I’m not usually a Negative Nellie, but this week for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday I wanted to alert you to a few Pinterest failures.  I’m also linking up to Idea Sharing Wednesdays for the first time since it looks like the folks there are searching for the same sorts of things I am!


Maybe something was wrong with my technique, and if so I’d love advice and corrections. But if these are ideas that you have pinned and have yet to try . . . well, let this post be a mild warning.

This was one of the very first images I pinned, and I was VERY excited about trying it. What bibliophile wouldn’t want text on their nails? Uber-cool!

It didn’t work, though. I tried it three times and although I could get an occasional blurry letter, mostly this just made my nails look dirty. Perhaps the problem was that the original instructions were in French and something got lost in translation.

Since I lost my job I’ve been on alert for all things frugal. I’ve made my own laundry detergent for two years, so I thought this was worth a try:



It was horrible. Not only did the dishes not get clean, but they had this nasty film on them (even with the name brand rinse agent I was using). We tried running a longer wash cycle (not frugal), but they were still awful. Michael had to make a special grocery store run to get some Cascade and we had to wash those dishes twice to get the gunk off. Very disappointing.

This is just an example of why you should go to the original source of the pin and read it fully before you pin it. I thought this was going to be a great way to get my lettuce to stay fresher a little longer.

The problem was that this tip won’t work unless you happen to own a vacuum-sealer with a wide-mouth attachment. We’re talking a couple hundred bucks here. I’m watching for sales, but I don’t think this is a tip I’ll be using anytime soon.

How are the pins you’re trying going?  I’m hitting goldmines with the recipes, and I think a lot of the craft and decor ideas will work well once I get time to try them, but I’ve been disappointed with the frugal flops.  Any advice?

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7 thoughts on “Pinterest Pinners Beware!”

  1. Those are three that I have actually pinned – thanks for the heads up! I usually just pin and then go to the original source later. Maybe now I’ll try to visit it first, and MAKE SURE it’s do-able!

    1. Glad to help! I kind of wish there was a “review this pin” option on Pinterest so we could see what’s working for people and what’s not. I pin SO much stuff I may never get around to trying it all 🙂

  2. I have all those things pinned, too. Hmmm. I was really looking forward to the nail thing, too. Oh well, better to know beforehand.

  3. I pin a lot of stuff but have only tried the recipes so far. There are so many great ones!! That sucks about the dishwashing detergent. That makes me nervous about the clothes washing soap recipe that I’ve seen. Hmmm.

    1. I know – I have found SO many good recipes there! If the laundry soap you’re looking at is the one with Borax, Washing Soda, and Fels Naptha soap – go for it! I have been using that for two years and LOVE it. If it’s something different email me and I’ll send you my recipe.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I definitely have tried a few things from Pinterest. But none of my DIY projects quite yet. I have noticed it is super important to go straight to the source. A good pointer for those that don’t! 🙂

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