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Reprinting or republishing any portion of this blog without my written consent is punishable by law, as is using or editing my photos without my written consent. If I post an image or document that does not belong to me I will give credit to the owner. If you believe I am using an image or document you own without your permission please contact me so that I may remove it.

Comments Policy
I appreciate you comments and I read every single one. I do reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or “spammy”.

A limited number of button ads (125 x 125) will be displayed in The Jammie Girl sidebar. All ads are prepaid and run for one month at a time. Rates are calculated based upon the previous month’s page views. Buttons are designed and provided by the advertiser or their preferred third party designer.

Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews
I do a limited number of product reviews and sponsored posts for products and services I believe will be of interest to my readers. I reserve the right to decline requests to review products that I do not feel are appropriate for my site. Compensated reviews and sponsored posts will always contain my honest opinion on the product or service and full disclosure will be provided as per FTC guidelines. Examples of past product reviews can be found under my Reviews link.

Please feel free to contact me at thejammiegirl@insightbb.com if you have any questions regarding the policies above.

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