Politics, Sex, and Religion


— 1 —

I live in Kentucky. And I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Rowen County, home of the County Clerk making national news for refusing to give a gay couple a marriage license. I don’t normally blog about Politics, Sex, or Religion. I have my own opinions and system of beliefs, and so does everyone else. But this woman was elected to do a job, and she’s not doing it. She can’t be fired. She can be impeached. I was a cardiac nurse for twenty-some years. I am opposed to cocaine use. Did I refuse to take care of thirty-year-olds who were admitted with heart attacks from cocaine use? No, I gave them the same care as everyone else. But then I wasn’t looking for national news coverage. Someone please impeach this woman and get her off the news.

— 2 —

 John, my sixteen-year-old, recently bought a computer game that involves cleaning. Mop, bucket, yellow rubber gloves. He really enjoys it.  I’m serious. He paid money for this. Money he earned watering our neighbor’s plants while they were away. Their yard is like a botanical garden, so he really did put in some time watering every day. And that’s what he spent it on. I offered him a mop, bucket, and yellow gloves he could use for free, and promised the graphics would be even better than his game. He declined. Ponder that next time you’re cleaning.

— 3 —

Maybe I can blame it on his allergy situation, though. Everyone who lives in the Ohio Valley has allergies. Just live here a year and you’ll find yours. I believe right now is ragweed season. I’m fine most of the year, but then the leaves fall and it rains. Evidently I have a leaf mold allergy. But this is the first year John has really suffered, so we’re still trying to find the right medication to help him without giving him miserable side effects. He’s not sleeping well, of course. The other morning I could hear Michael trying to wake him up. It took him ten minutes to get him out of bed, which is unheard-of. When he did get up, I watched him shamble into the bathroom and then stand there, eyes glazed. I watched. He stood. After five minutes I decided that if he couldn’t figure out how to take a shower Physics class was probably not going to go well. I sent him back to bed. Poor baby!

— 4 —

I saw a picture of chickens in sweaters on Facebook earlier this week. My dad and step-mom have chickens, and I was intrigued. Why would chickens wear sweaters? I searched Pinterest, and found multiple patterns and names for these garments. They are meant to protect chickens from being scratched or pecked by a rooster or larger, more aggressive hens. Big eyes can also be placed on them to discourage hawks. There may be a crafty post in my future 😉

— 5 —

I may have mentioned how much I love Jamberry nails now that I’ve learned to apply them properly (one thin layer of polish under wraps). My nails look better and are stronger and healthier than ever before. So I signed up to be a Jamberry consultant! Here’s my website: angieballard.jamberrynails.com. I’m trying to learn everything as fast as I can, and I’ll let you all know when I have my Launch Party. In the meantime, look at the brand-new Holiday wraps! The Halloween ones are especially swoon-worthy. Some days, when things are just not going well, looking down at my fingernails and toenails and seeing how pretty they are really does perk me up. And they last practically forever. Perfect for a low-maintenance person like me who usually doesn’t even wear nail polish because I chip it within twenty-four hours and then I hate it. I think I’ve had maybe three professional manicures and three pedicures in my life. Total. So this is a big deal 🙂

— 6 —

Another big deal if that today is my one-year Nerium anniversary! I love the products and the company even more now than I did then. So I’ll be taking some selfies today and comparing them to my “before” pics. And maybe I’ll do something extra-special . . .

— 7 —

Have you discovered Periscope yet? What about Blab? Periscope is the hot new thing in Social Media. I have an account, and I’ve watched other people’s Scopes and followed people, but I haven’t Scoped yet. Maybe I’ll do that today in honor of my Nerium anniversary! I’m @angieballard (just like on Twitter) if you want to follow me. If nothing else it should be good for a laugh 😀 Thankfully, all Scopes disappear after twenty-four hours unless you record them and post them to YouTube.

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6 thoughts on “Politics, Sex, and Religion”

  1. There is a cleaning video game? Wow. The things they come out with. I just started periscope today. I stepped away from all social media for a while and just came back to it. Minus Facebook. That I have no desire to be part of.

    1. Oh, I’d love to leave FB. Let me count the reasons! But I need to be there as a writer and a Nerium brand partner, so I’m there. How can I follow you on Periscope? We newbies need to stick together 😉

  2. Re: #1, you are absolutely right that she can be impeached (or recalled) but I thought your comparison of her job to yours is a bit of an apples-to-oranges comparison since the service you were providing was life-sustaining. I’ve only read your blog a few times so I don’t know much about you, but if you happen to be pro-life, would you have felt the same way if you had been asked to assist in an elective abortion? Regardless of where I stand on the issue of gay marriage, I do believe the clerk should have a right to not do something that would violate her conscience. And, if she does lose her job, I pray she will entrust herself to the loving God she professes to serve and see His hand mercifully caring for her.

    1. You are right, and the comparison to a nurse working somewhere where abortions were performed would have been more apt. In fact, it was one of the first things that came to mind, and a reminder of why I chose the career path I did. Sadly, this woman cannot say she didn’t know this issue might come up in her job, particularly since her mother held the position before she did. And I do hope God leads her to a place where she can do her job and God’s work at the same time. Those are the BEST days!

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