Postal Workers, Breaking Dawn, and Marching Bands

— 1 —

What is it about the mail being delivered that makes my dogs lose their minds?  They bark, howl, and run around the house like lunatics every day at exactly 2:30 p.m.  They get mildly upset by the occasional visit from the UPS man, and the FedEx guy they barely notice.  I worry that the only way they’d protect my home and family during a break-in would be if the burglar was dressed as a postal employee.

— 2 —

I made Shepherd’s Pie for the first time ever this week, and it was a huge hit.  I’d never made it before because up until last week I’d never been able to make decent mashed potatoes.  The texture was always wrong.  But after advice from my Aunt Beverly, food blogger and cooking guru, I finally made good mashed potatoes.  Turns out I just wasn’t getting all the water out of them after boiling.  Anyway, I wish I’d have made this break-through sooner so I could have included a Shepherd’s Pie recipe in my ebook.  It’s a perfect frugal, easy, comforting supper.

— 3 —

I’m freezing to death.  Of course I feel that way every time the temperature drops below sixty.  I wasn’t meant to live somewhere with four seasons.  I was meant to live somewhere tropical.

— 4 —

I’m SO far behind on NaNoWriMo.  I’m still writing, though.  I haven’t given up!

— 5 —

My friend Lisa and I are going to see Breaking Dawn this morning.  I’m Team Jacob and she’s Team Edward.  Of course she has a son older than the guy who plays Edward and I have a son older than the guy who plays Jacob, so there’s something very wrong about this whole thing.

— 6 —

I went out to dinner with friends earlier this week and now have a new favorite restaurant.  If you live in the Louisville area you must check out Le Gallo Rosso.  It’s on Bardstown Road near The Bristol and I swear it’s awesome.  Food, atmosphere, service – this place has it all.

— 7 —

Last marching band performance of the season this weekend!  I hate for it to be over 🙁

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4 thoughts on “Postal Workers, Breaking Dawn, and Marching Bands”

  1. The only protection I would get from Annie and Mazzy would be to let me know if a squirrel or rabbit was in the house. Everyone else is welcome. As soon as I win the lottery we are moving to a very southern tropical island. I hate cold weather and whine about it from October to June every year. I want two seasons, warm and hot!

  2. Girl…your Breaking Dawn stuff has me rolling!!

    That is hysterical!

    Hey, all the drooling that happens when two girls with sons older than Edward and Jacob go to the movies to see Edward and Jacob…stays at the movies!

  3. Wait, you get your mail at the same time every day??? What a dream. We get it at every single time you could imagine, no consistency!

    And speaking of consistency, my mother has made awful mashed potatoes for my entire life and it’s for the same reason. She doesn’t get all of the water out and she doesn’t mash them very well. She’s always in such a hurry. That means I dont’ usually make mashed potatoes because I never crave them because hers aren’t great. Good thing you’ve mastered the art!! But don’t EVER think you can serve me Shepherd’s Pie. Not. EVER.

    1. I think my mailperson must be as OCD as I am. I find it comforting 😉 I never thought I’d eat Shepherd’s Pie, either – just sounded so icky and bland. I spiced it up a bit, though, and it was okay. My meat-and-potatoes guys ate second and third helpings, so I guess it’s going into the rotation.

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