Prayer for Sleep

Consistently one of the most popular search terms that lands people on my blog is “patron saint of sleep”.  It makes me sad every time I read this in my stats, because I know how chronic sleep deprivation feels.  St. Elijah, by the way, is the patron saint of sleep.  I started searching for prayers for a good night’s sleep, and here is my favorite:

“Loving God. You guard and protect all Your beloved children. Be with me now as I try to sleep. Let me feel safe, secure, and sleepy as I imagine myself resting in Your arms. Guide me into rest, that I may begin tomorrow afresh, to the glory of Your name. Amen.” ~ Melissa Roberts Check out her site for more simple, lovely prayers.

What prayer or scripture has inspired you this week?   Drop by Saints and Scripture Sunday, Scripture and a SnapshotSunday SnippetsSpiritual SundaysHear it on Sunday,Playdates with GodWalk With Him Wednesdays, and iFellowship to share!

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11 thoughts on “Prayer for Sleep”

  1. A lovely prayer. Sleep deprivation kills and along the way it really messes up the brain and thought processes. With fibromyalgia I, unfortunately, can’t sleep unless I take a light combination of two drugs. Even then sometimes, I can’t fall asleep unless I’m praying my rosary – not to be inattentive to God but to place myself in Mary’s arms and be connected to her.

  2. A beautiful prayer. Sometimes, over and over, I quote, “I will lay me down in peace ad sleep.” It’s a beautiful promise from the Psalms that has brought sleep so many times. I’ll be writing this prayer down to use when sleep evades me.

  3. I love the suggestions here in your post, as well as in the comment box.

    I know pain keeps you awake often – for me, it’s the fact that my brain runs on overtime. I’ll have to refer back to these prayers.

    Thanks so much for linking up with Saints and Scripture Sunday!

  4. We (my daughter and I) pray for good sleep for her just about every night. The poor dear hates bad dreams and so it is often something she asks for and I happily join her in prayer with.

  5. I’m so glad that most of the time I sleep well. I love the prayer you shared. On the nights when I do have trouble sleeping I’ve found that prayer is the best thing I can do.

  6. That’s funny. That is exactly the search I used that landed me on your blog. The top searches on my blog are “Joseph Bakken” (he staged a fake gay-bashing in my hometown of Missoula, MT) and “running a half marathon without training.” It’s crazy right? Why aren’t people searching “puppies, ice cream, and rainbows?”

    Thanks for the prayer!

    1. It’s always one of the most frequently searched terms on my blog. It makes me sad to think of so many people praying to simply get a good night’s sleep 🙁

  7. Thank you for this prayer, I will try it tonight…. I am also saddened by your note that this is one of the most searched items on your blog, but comforted by the knowledge I am not alone

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