Pretty-Up Your Christmas Pics for Free

I haven’t done many frugal things this week, I must admit. The worst was probably letting my husband and 11-year-old go to the grocery without me last Saturday. They came back with $168 worth of “groceries”, but the only item I could find on the receipt with any nutritional value at all was a bag of frozen meatballs. I do, however, have an amazing selection of junk food in my house, which I might as well just tape to my butt, since that’s where it will end up -SIGH. Anyway, I did stumble upon something that is wonderful and FREE! It’s called Picasa, and it’s downloadable photo-editing software. Not only that, it’s extremely user-friendly! This is fantastic news for me, since I own a nice camera (which I don’t fully understand) and Photoshop Elements software (which I REALLY don’t understand) and I’m easily frustrated. Here’s a picture of Jack selecting our Christmas tree this year:

And here it is after a couple of minutes of cropping and adjusting lighting in Picasa:

There’s also an “I’m Feeling Lucky” option you can use for one-click photo fixes, which I think may end up being my go-to edit most days. I’ve got a friend who swears by Picnik, which has a free option and a premium option that’s still quite inexpensive. So click away over the coming days, and then try one of these options for fast, easy, frugal photo editing. And check in with Jen at The Thrifty Home for Penny Pinching Wednesday and the latest in frugal ideas!

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2 thoughts on “Pretty-Up Your Christmas Pics for Free”

  1. that looks great!
    thanks for the tip.

    I'll be checking that out s i am also a frustrated photo/computer/ blogger person. =0)

    blessings and His love at Christmas and always.

    barbara jean

  2. I just love your sense of humor. I'm sure if I let my husband and 11 year old son do the grocery shopping I would have the same problem. I have a mac and have always used iphoto which is really easy. I love editing my photos and taking away an unwanted blemish or adjusting the colors. Glad that you were able to find a free version for your PC.

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