Problems Small and Large, and Some Books to Read

— 1 —

One morning earlier this week I nearly had a stroke when I opened my Google Reader to find over seven hundred unread posts. ARRGH!  I try to get through everything on my Google Reader daily, mainly because some of the blogs I follow are frugal blogs that have time-sensitive deals.  And I don’t let myself cheat and just check the frugal ones, because then I’d never get caught up!  It turned out that during the night a gremlin had added back into my reader every blog I’d ever followed.

— 2 —

This has happened to me several times, and to make it easier to go through and delete the ones I don’t want to keep I have categorized all my “will keep forever” blogs into frugal, food, friends, just-because-they’re-awesome, and other categories that make sense to me.  But before I started deleting I did skim through all seven-hundred-something posts just in case a blog I used to follow and didn’t anymore had suddenly become awesome again.  It’s like catching up with an old friend 🙂

— 3 —

John felt awful all weekend, and of course he had a big project due the Monday after Thanksgiving break.  He’d started work on it, but there was still a lot to do when he started feeling crappy.  So we teamed up, and ended Sunday afternoon with a video filmed by me, starring John, with background music and editing my Michael.  The dogs provided weird sound effects (tail whacking table leg, low “woof” now and then).  I hope he gets a good grade on this sucker – he earned it.  Working when you’re sick on a holiday weekend deserves some extra credit.

— 4 —

If you’re not done Christmas shopping check out Share the Love, where I’ve showcased some of my favorite creative peeps to help you out.  I love knowing who I’m buying from, and that my money is supporting hard-working individuals.

— 5 —

Speaking of Christmas, if you are giving a Kindle this year or if you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for someone who already has a Kindle let me suggest this new release for anyone on your list who loves a romance:

I also have another list of favorite Kindle books from a variety of genres. I love giving books as gifts.  I do have an unfortunate tendency to buy as many for myself as for everyone else, though 😉

— 6 —

When Aaron went back to college after Thanksgiving he forgot his winter coat.  It’s so handy having a UPS store at the end of the street.  I boxed up the coat, went in, and realized I didn’t have Aaron’s address on me.  The wonderful UPS guy was able to pull it up for me since I’d shipped to Aaron before (like after every major school break).

— 7 —

Now I feel really bad about typing number six, because Aaron and Catherine had to move this week. Their landlord went bankrupt, so their several-hundred-dollar deposit is history, and they are trying to move with friends’ pickups in the cold while studying for finals. I’m not feeling very compassionate towards that landlord right now. These are college kids and young couples working hard and making the payments they’ve contracted to make to him, and he’s taking their money and running. Sadly, he’s probably just another small businessman who was barely holding on, hoping the election would turn things around for him, who has now given up. Welcome to the second term, four years I suspect the people who live through them will never forget.

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