Productive Weekend!

I have accomplished SO MUCH this weekend. I cleared out a credenza in the dining room that was stuffed with vases and serving pieces I rarely if ever used and turned it into my “craft credenza”. Now I don’t have to lug Rubbermaid tubs out of my closet and into the dining room whenever I have a craft project to do (or one of the kids has a school project to do). I cleaned out my car, where I found ten books, three twelve-by-twelve tiles from last November’s dining room remodel, a cervical traction setup, and a hammerhead shark Jack made out of Sculpey when he was nine (he’ll be eleven this week). I had to go to one place to get my car washed, another to fill it up with gas, and yet another to vacuum it out, but now it’s looking pretty spiffy. I planned meals for the whole week and went to Kroger early this morning before the crowds hit. I’m cooking a pork roast in the crockpot that will be supper tonight and lunches for the week along with the homemade bread I just pulled out of the oven. There are three dogs in my house for the weekend (only one of them mine) and everyone has been appropriately fed, medicated, and exercised, and there has been NO BLOODSHED. I put the latest pictures of my children in frames and installed a high-tech paper towel holder in the new kitchen. I posted a dozen books to, sent out one book, and requested another. I paid bills and cleared out my inbox. I went through my coupon organizer and threw out all the expired coupons (some expired in July). And best of all, I got to level 34 on Farmville. Going back to work tomorrow is going to be a major letdown – hours of running crazy without feeling like I’ve accomplished anything. With the healthcare reform bill passing, though, I may be out of a job soon, so I guess I’d better enjoy it while I’ve got it!

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