Pull Out the Mod Podge!

I do love crafts, but it’s hard to do anything time-consuming when you’re overrun with kids and pets, or when your house is in an uproar with holidays or renovations. Here’s a necessity-inspired craft that’s quick AND inexpensive!

This room was originally a screened-in porch that a previous owner had enclosed. It had horrible panelling and a concrete floor, and they used it as a “den”. We decided to turn it into a dining room, so we pulled down the panelling, drywalled what didn’t look good as siding or brick, and laid tile. It was a lot of fun, but we had several big surprises (as you usually do with older homes). When we pulled down the panelling we found lots of old siding and brick, which we loved the look of, but we also found a WINDOW. It had been panelled over on this side, and they had built wonderful bookcases on the other side (the living room), so we had NO IDEA. I thought, OK, we’ll put up shutters, it will be really cute with the brick and siding and the outdoor-style lights we are going to mount on the wall. No go, unless I wanted to have shutters custom-made. The tile project for the floor was fun, so I was thinking about a tile mosaic sort of thing for the wall, but the window is 4 feet wide and 5 feet tall, so that would be a ton of tile – too heavy – too expensive. Enter Mod Podge. Remember that stuff from childhood? Well, it’s even more wonderful now! I bought four artists’ canvases and a couple of jars of Mod Podge at Hobby Lobby (on sale of course) and rooted through my scrapbook paper scraps, filling out the colors I wanted more of with a handful of sheets from Archivers (used a coupon). I cut out about a million squares with my punch, and then started fiddling around with it. I ended up deciding to paint the canvases with a coat of the same paint I had put on the walls and attaching the paper with Mod Podge in a simple geometric design. Then I brushed a coat of Mod Podge over the whole thing and called it done. My husband attached the canvases with metal brackets (they didn’t have one large enough to cover the area I needed to cover) and we hung it on the wall with a regular picture hanger. Well, today I got the new Ballard Designs catalog (LOVE IT) in the mail, and guess what I saw?

This is only 35 inches square and sells for $279 plus a whopping shipping charge. Mine (5 feet by 4 feet) cost about $30 and could be done for less if you already have the Mod Podge or if you don’t need one that big. I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now. I think maybe I’ll do one with torn paper and some texture for the bathroom next, maybe with some glaze to give it the “antiqued” look of the Ballard Designs one! Looking for some more frugal ideas? Check out The Thrifty Home every Wednesday for Penny Pinching Wednesday – you’ll love it! OOh, I’m making this post serve double duty – it’s also my Mama Kat Writers’ Workshop post for the week!!

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13 thoughts on “Pull Out the Mod Podge!”

  1. Wow! I'm having a hard time believing that is PAPER?!! I think you may have just solved my problem in my dining room, where I have a huge blank wall. Any artwork that would fit the space is way too expensive, and a project like this would work beautifully.

  2. Marvelous idea. I think this could also be accomplished with FREE paint sample swatches from Home Depot, Lowes, etc. What do you think?achan

  3. I want to copy your idea! Great job! I need a very large wall treatment in our living room to cover up some outlets that are needed for a hang-on-the-wall tv. Our tv is down from the wall now and I think your idea would work. I will try it out after Christmas.

  4. {hanging head} have never used Mod Podge.

    But holy crap that is AWESOME!!! I cannot believe it’s paper either! And I like yours MUCH better than the one in the catalog. You DID put this on pinterest, right???

    1. You’ve never used Mod Podge? Oh, girl, grab a jar next time you’re at the craft store getting beads – it’s amazing what you can do with that stuff! BTW, I wanted to use tile for this particular project, but since something this size would have weighed a ton canvas and paper really was the way to go – and people never believe it’s paper until they touch it 😉

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