Raising Lions

When she saw her hope unfulfilled, her expectation gone, she took another of her cubs and made him a strong lion.  ~Ezekiel 19:5

evidently some drumming occurred before the nap


I ran across this snippet of scripture a week or so ago, and probably took it completely out of context, but it immediately spoke to me about my eldest, Aaron.  He didn’t have a summer job lined up when he came home from college this summer, but he quickly found one in a warehouse all the way across the county, boxing Bath and Body Works supplies to be shipped all over the country.  (Have you seen their coupons lately?!)  He works long, hard hours and has a long commute.  He works six days a week and doesn’t know his schedule very far in advance.  He isn’t allowed a long enough break to go out for lunch, so he eats a sack lunch every day in his car because he isn’t allowed to bring his cell phone into work with him.  I couldn’t be prouder.  I grew up in the country, where boys (and often girls) worked sunrise to sunset in the hot fields.  It’s good to get dirty and sweaty at work, and to work until you’re exhausted.  It builds character.  Do I worry about him driving home after a ten-hour shift?  Of course I do.  But I know these are experiences that will serve him well later in life.

I’m a nurse.  All nurses have worked sixteen hours shifts, have worked fourteen days straight.  With people’s lives in our hands.  My husband was a restaurant manager for many years, which required equally ridiculous hours, and then owned his own business, which necessitated working five years without a day off.  Seriously.  He worked every weekend, every major holiday.  He answered the phone at 3am for orders.  If we have given our sons anything it is a good work ethic.

Aaron has come home so exhausted I couldn’t wake him to eat supper, has awakened so disoriented he didn’t know if it was dawn or twilight.  But it’s worth it.  It is building his strength, making him the lion he needs to be.  I believe everyone needs to stretch themselves to their limits physically, mentally, and spiritually at some point during their life.  Otherwise you don’t know what you are truly capable of.  After all, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger!”  Some day in the future when he’s working a well-paid, cushy nine-to-five job with fabulous benefits he will look back on this summer and smile.
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4 thoughts on “Raising Lions”

  1. This made me tear up, which is not usually an easy feat. This is exactly how I want to raise my boys. Hard work is good for the body and the soul, and it builds character like nothing else.

  2. Hi Angie, thanks for stopping by 8kidsandabusiness.wordpress.com and leaving the tip about freezing leftovers. I do that too, sometimes. Glad to read that you’re a nurse too. Are you still nursing? Great blog, by the way. I’m going to check out your book.

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