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If you haven’t seen anything about EHT, the soon-to-be-released brain health supplement available exclusively through Nerium International you will soon. *Even if this supplement is not something you personally need, please take a quick look at the link to make sure you don’t have a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor that needs to have this forwarded to them before you delete it. My husband and I will be the first people I sign up because he has a family history of Frontal Lobe Dementia and I have a family history of Parkinson’s Disease. My sixteen-year-old will be taking it because of problems staying on task in school.* There will be a pre-launch May 15-June 15 (or until supplies run out) and a scheduled full launch on August 1. As a Nerium Brand Partner the ONLY fair way for me to place orders is to put everyone on my wait list. If you are interested in this product contact me ASAP with your name and the best way to reach you on May 15. Please have your credit/debit card handy that day. If you will not be available on the 15th you CAN call me with your credit card and shipping info no earlier than May 10th. This will NOT guarantee your order will be placed – just that if I reach your spot on the wait list before supplies run out I will be able to place your order.
I do not have details yet about order maximums. I do know that the cost per person is $50/month and I would recommend purchasing a 3-month supply in May to ensure consistent dosing up until the official August 1st launch.
EHT info: Please feel free to check with your physician before ordering. Putting your name on the waiting list does NOT obligate you to order – it just saves you a spot if you want to order. I will notify those on the wait list as I receive further information on any order limitations.
I’m excited about all the benefits that will be reaped from this protein-activating molecule! It is safe to be taken by any child old enough to swallow a pill (usually age 4). Feel free to call me any time with questions!
Angie Ballard, BSN, RN
Nerium International
(502) 338-9265 (cell)
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