I’m serious. If you are a woman and have not read this book yet, go out and buy it. Or order it from Amazon. Or download it for Kindle. Just get it ASAP and read it. Don’t get on the library’s wait list, because it’s too important, and don’t borrow a copy, because you’re going to want to read it several times and refer back to it in the future. I promised my friend Kim I’d send her my copy, but I just keep reading it over and over. I’m sorry, Kim, I can’t part with it. My friend Dianna just finished at at about 5am this morning and we immediately had to Tweet back and forth about important points. It’s AMAZING and it will change your life.

For Women Only was written by Shaunti Feldhahn and it’s about “the inner lives of men”. It’s about how men’s minds work. It’s well-researched, but not “academic”. It’s written from a Christian perspective, but never in a preachy, off-putting way. I read most of this by the pool, though I don’t recommend that because there were several passages that were so surprising and so touching that my eyes welled up with tears. I don’t want to minimize the best book I have ever read about male-female relationships, but it’s like someone handed me an instruction manual for my husband.

We’ve been married almost twenty-four years, very happily married, but I had resigned myself to the fact that there were some things about Michael that I’d just never understand. I thought that was how it was supposed to be. Since I’ve read this book I understand so many things, some large and some small, that made absolutely no sense to me before. It’s made me take a hard look at my own behaviors and the rationale behind them, and I’ve made some small adjustments that have truly enriched our marriage.

If you’ve read it, let me know if you were as impressed as I was! Have you read any of her other books and would you recommend them?

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Its too funny I was going to ask you on twitter what you were reading because we seem to have the same taste in books.

  2. I read both of the books. For women only and For men only. You can also hear them on Focus on the Family radio show, if you search the archives.


    I think I was more enlightened by the men's book for us, because I was like OH!! That is so me and no wonder. Gee we are complicated.

    I love their work. I need to read them again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I'll check it out for sureโ€”I hadn't heard of this particular book, but I definitely recognize the name of the author from Bible Study classes at my church.

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