Reality TV, Emails, and Yogurt

— 1 —

Made my second batch of yogurt in the crockpot, and it was wonderfully thick and tasty, and still sits well on my lactose-intolerant tummy as long as I don’t eat it on an empty stomach. It’s nice to think I’m finally getting a regular source of natural calcium instead of relying entirely on supplements.

— 2 —

I’m still losing about a pound a day on my diet, and I’m not starving. I ran the supplement I’ve been taking by my sister-in-law, who has a biology degree with a speciality in molecular genetics (the med is supposed to slow, or even reverse the aging and disease process at the DNA level) and she thought it all sounded quite reasonable. I was so relieved. I knew I felt better, but I recognized that it could be the placebo effect since someone I trusted has suggested it for me. Anyway, I’m going to keep taking it, and I will blog about it once I feel like I can explain it properly.

— 3 —

I entered a writing contest this week. I’m nervous, but this one just felt right, and I haven’t entered a contest in forever. Fingers crossed! I’d like to get this particular book finished by the end of August, shooting for a November release, but I may be being too optimistic.

— 4 —

Obviously I’m watching too much reality TV. But I have to watch Real Housewives of Orange County – it’s the original, and I feel like I know these people personally. And with Ladies of London coming on right after that, well, I couldn’t resist. And I would never have considered watching Marriage Boot Camp, but Gretchen and Slade were on it, and they are from RHOC, so I truly had no choice. Then I found myself crying duriing Marriage Boot Camp and it wasn’t even the series finale or the reunion show. And that one’s a bust anyway, since they are there to decide the future of their relationships and the station is already showing previews of one couple’s (reality show) wedding. *sigh*

— 5 —

Band camp is in full swing, and since John is section leader that means he’ll be hosting gatherings of the other bass drummers over here throughout the season. Thankfully, none of them have severe dog allergies or phobias about large dogs. I haven’t yet quizzed them about food allergies or intolerances, but if I need to hunt down vegan gluten-free organic snacks I’ll do so happily. It’s easier than keeping two big dogs pinned in the bedroom.

— 6 —

There are two brand-new blogs you all need to check so when they are huge mega-bloggers you can say, “Oh, yeah, I’ve been following her from the very start – I even have comments from her!” They are both energetic and talented women, so there’s just no telling what they’ll post yet. You may already know Catherine from Pinterest – she’s a pretty big deal there. But now she’s showcasing her own style at Concrete and Lace. Then there’s Christina, who tempts me to start projects because she makes them look so easy at Christina’s Clever Notions.

— 7 —

A big thank you to my wonderful son, Aaron, who took time out of his busy day in Austin to fix my email issues. First I just couldn’t send emails from my phone. Which was annoying. But then I couldn’t download or send emails from my desktop, which made me very grumpy. It gradually spread throughout the devices in the house, with my iPad being the last to turn on me. I went into panic mode, and even though Aaron worked quickly I had 342 emails in my Inbox by the time the desktop came up and I could both receive and send. And I’m one of those people who wants my Inbox empty except for things I absolutely need to take care of within the next 48 hours. Otherwise there’s a folder for them. I gotta lot of folders. Some people I know, not to mention any names (Lisa Tapp) are just fine with hundreds of emails in their inbox, but it makes me feel like my life is out of control. OCD much? Like I don’t have bigger fish to fry than the emails in my inbox – LOL!

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2 thoughts on “Reality TV, Emails, and Yogurt”

  1. Good luck on the writing contest! I remember that feeling oh-so-well. My advice is to put it in the “forget this” part of your brain. The one you reserve for writing contests, class-action lawsuits, and that piece of mail you KNOW you need to deal with but instead bury at the bottom of the pile hoping by the time you unearth it, it’ll be too old to deal with!

    1. I’m certainly not pinning any hopes on the contest. To be honest, I’m not even sure when it ends. But entering did give my motivation a much-needed jump start 🙂

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