Recent Favorite Things

Michael and I met another couple for dinner. That in itself is cause for celebration, since I can’t remember the last time we ate out, but this time was especially magical because I got to meet someone I’ve known via social media for many years, but never met “in real life”. Every time that’s happened for me there’s no awkwardness, online friends really are true friends already!

I have beautiful, strong nails all the time dirt-cheap thanks to Jamberry. Love, love, love!

There’s a new super-fancy Goodwill near me that my husband found. It’s only been open about a month. And by super-fancy I mean it doesn’t smell bad, there’s plenty of light, prices are clearly marked, and there are even sofas and a coffee table for people who are waiting on shoppers.

I’m currently rocking a pair of size Medium pajamas, which totally blows my mind. I’m only three months out from surgery, and I still have a lot of weight to lose, but it’s going very well!

Marching band season is over. Yes, I’ll get all excited about it again in July (maybe) for now I am so over it!

Drop by Mama Kat‘s on Thursday and share a few of your favorite things!


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