Redneck NASCAR Prayer

I just couldn’t help myself.  I hadn’t heard anything about this, um, experience in Nashville a few days ago, but once my husband showed it to me I felt compelled to share.  I’ve been church shopping, you know, and I might just feel compelled to travel to Nashville to check out this fine gentleman’s congregation . . . not to mention get a glimpse of his “smokin’ hot wife”.  Oh, and I’m going to contact the Pope about having “boogidy boogidy” added to the daily Mass.

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5 thoughts on “Redneck NASCAR Prayer”

  1. This is rich! And boogidy, boogidy, boogidy back at ya! I’m just sorry I wasn’t there to hear this in person. 🙂

  2. This is hilarious!! I’m going to start ending my prayers with boogidy, boogidy, boogidy from now on. I’m sure God will get a kick out of that! 🙂

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