Reliving "He Graduates in Twenty Days"

The SITS Back to Blogging Event assignment for today is to re-upload a post with a title that you are particularly proud of and explain why. This was really hard for me, because I just don’t do a great job titling my posts. I know I should have more keywords, be less vague, but sometimes the title is harder for me to write than the whole rest of the post! Anyway, this one was titled: “He Graduates in Twenty Days” and just the sight of those words brought tears to my eyes, because I remember this day so well, and “He graduates in twenty days” were the words my heart was tapping out in Morse Code in my chest that day. It was a tough one.

He wore it all week.
His first week of Boy Scout Camp
in the Summer of 2003
He had just finished fifth grade
and he’d be gone for a week
a whole, entire week.
Gone all the way to Camp Daniel Boone
in the mountains of North Carolina
where he’d sleep in a tent
and swim in a cold mountain lake.
He came home tanned,
and filthy,
and very pleased with himself.
I thought he had a sore throat
from sleeping outdoors all week.
The I realized
his voice had started to change.
It’s hard to let them
grow up.

Disclaimer: One of this week’s prompts on Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop involves writing a 20-line poem dedicated to a favorite item of clothing. I’m not consciously trying to find things to get sappy and emotional about as my eldest chick prepares to leave the nest . . . really.

Remember Thelma and Louise? They will go home with one lucky participant in the SITS Back To Blogging Event, and I think they would be happiest at my house. In fact, I am prepared to repaint and replace the flooring in my pantry / laundry room just to make them feel comfy. Here are the people responsible for Thelma and Louise: Standards of Excellence, Westar, and Florida Builder Appliances. I don’t know who the genius is that came up with the idea to manufacture these in that perfectly gorgeous shade of turquoise, but I hope they got a big bonus!

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5 thoughts on “Reliving "He Graduates in Twenty Days"”

  1. Aw. My daughter just had her first school trip away and she was so missed. She seemed to have grown a few inches by the time she got back. Lovely post. x

  2. Awww…how sweet. I have a harder time with post titles than writing the post itself too. My kidlets are still young, but I can only imagine how hard it will be to send them on their way when the time comes! :>

  3. I know what you mean about the titles! I have a hard time too! Seeing what you wrote about your son makes me sad and excited about my own two sons. My oldest will be 3 in december. When my second was born I held him, tiny in my arms, and watched my oldest bouncing arouund singing and thought it just seemed like yesterday I was cradling him. It dawned on me that being twice as busy with two, it'd now go even faster. Needless to say, I shed a few hormonal tears. Congrats on his graduation!

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