My friend Kim sent me DVDs by Ron Bell in care packages when I was recovering from my surgeries, and we’ve really enjoyed them. Sometimes our schedules conflict with church services, and sometimes I just don’t feel well enough to sit through Mass. Kim told me that when their family can’t attend church together they’ll watch one of his DVDs (they’re all about ten minutes long) and discuss it as a family. I was checking to see if any of the ones we hadn’t seen were available on Netflix (they weren’t) but I ended up finding quite a few on YouTube. So last night when the rain had me spending more time on the heating pad than off and counting the hours until my next pain pill we watched “Rhythm”.  I picked it because of the title alone, since I married one drummer and gave birth to  another, but it was an exceptionally thought-provoking segment that I can best describe as “God is music”.  One statement Pastor Bell made was something along the lines of “It’s not whether you’re playing the song – it’s whether or not you’re in tune.”  It impressed Michael, Mr. Any-excuse-not-to-go-to-church so much that he asked me to send him a link so he could watch it again.  Score!

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Priced at just $4.99, it is now available in every format your little heart could desire at Smashwords, or, if you prefer, it’s also for sale in a Kindle version at Amazon or a Nook version at Barnes and Noble!

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6 thoughts on “Rhythm”

  1. I used Bell’s DVD’s in a small group setting with women one summer. Everyone loved them. The best part? My two kids previewed every one of them with me . . .and they loved them too. They were13 and 10 then! Hope you feel better soon. The heating pad is a staple in my house!

    1. One of the things I’ve liked most about his DVDs is that every member of the family always gets something different out of it than everyone else – that really surprised me.

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