Romeo and Juliet 09

Here’s a slideshow from Jack’s performance at Central Park last night. They did Romeo and Juliet, and you have not REALLY seen Romeo and Juliet until you’ve seen the balcony scene done as a “rap”! They included songs from Journey, Queen, and Michael Jackson along with the Taylor Swift selection that accompanies the slideshow. It was only about 30 minutes long – Michael said it was the “Cliff Notes” version, and the death scenes were HILARIOUS! Juliet’s was, “Oh, a dagger!” stab, fall down. A few of the professionals who were performing Romeo and Juliet for the big crowds later that night sat next to us, and they got a big kick out of the whole thing. The swordfights were especially funny since the kids “trash talked” each other during them! Juiet was a girl named Carmen who Jack was in a play with last year, and Romeo was a boy named Ryan who auditioned with Jack for a musical last weekend. The cute little girl in the blue headband is Hannah, who was in Twinderella with Jack, and she cracked everyone up with her enthusiastic “air drums”. He’s made friends with so many fantastic kids doing these plays and camps – I can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. so, there's a difference between following, and subscribing, apparently. Geez …. so much to learn. Plus, you will have to teach me how to do the slide show!!

  2. What a beautiful slide show! It sounds like the play was very entertaining!!

    Thanks for the follow! I'm following you now too!

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