Santa Hat Brownies ~ Lunchbag Week 20

OK, it’s not a healthy lunch, but the kids are out of school and I’m on vacation this week, so we’re walking on the wild side nutritionally! I found this recipe on , which is part of Pioneer Woman’s website, and VERY handy for hunting up nice, basic recipes. It’s just brownie bites (bought at the store or baked in mini-muffin cups), melted white chocolate chips, and strawberries. You’re supposed to pipe the white chocolate on with a pastry bag so it looks more decorative, but since my husband and my eleven-year-old were assembling these on their own last night I think speed and taste ranked before presentation in their priorities. Pretty cute, though, and very yummy!
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One thought on “Santa Hat Brownies ~ Lunchbag Week 20”

  1. WOOT! How cute are these! Yum! And, they would be sweet on a Christmas platter (they had gobs at the Dollar Tree!)

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