Saying Good-bye to the “Feel Better Box”

feel better box
This was just a spare copy of Runaway Bunny. I think we had three 🙂

When Aaron was little I filled a small plastic storage box with a few books, toys, crafts, etc that were only brought out when he was sick.  It was small compensation for suffering through ear infections, strep throat, or the flu, but it always seemed to perk him up to play with things he hadn’t seen in a while.  I continued the tradition with John, replacing items through the years as they got worn out, used up, or just didn’t hold their interest anymore.  There were action figures, matchbox cars, Mom’s least favorite movies, and lots of coloring books.

I hadn’t thought about the “feel better box” in a long time.  I know I cleaned that closet out recently, but I suppose I just automatically dusted it off and put it back in.  But at twenty and thirteen, my boys don’t really need a “feel better box” any more.  So when I was searching for quiet toys and crafts to stick in a bag to take to help entertain a friend’s little ones at her first postpartum appointment John suggested (while splattering the guts of villains on some video game), “Why don’t you look in the feel better box?”  That kid doesn’t forget anything.  Looking through, there are Highlights magazines from 1997, a book of classic nursery rhymes, and some slightly yellowed coloring pages.  Oh, and a game of Go Fish that surely has a few cards missing.  So I loaded it all up in a bag with some colored pipe cleaners and now it’s my “when kids visit” bag.

I thought it would make me sad to clean out that box, but it really didn’t.  I treasure the memories of when the boys were small, but we’re making wonderful new ones every day and I’m savoring each and every one.

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3 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye to the “Feel Better Box””

  1. Honestly, you are one of the most creative people I know. What a fantastic idea. A Feel Better Box. I wonder if I can make one for puppies???

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