Scarlett Who?

— 1 —

After watching Gone With the Wind with my thirteen-year-old son I was intrigued to hear that he really didn’t like Scarlett much by the end of the movie.  My husband agreed that he’d never been much of a Scarlett fan, either.  My jaw dropped.  I love Scarlett.  I have a Scarlett O’Hara ornament on my Christmas tree, a gift from my BFF, Kim, who is lucky enough to live in Atlanta.  I love her bravery, her dedication to providing for herself and those she cared for in a world where women had very little power.  So I texted my twenty-year-old at college to get his (and his fiance’s) opinion.

Me: how do you feel about Scarlett O’Hara?  What does Catherine think? John just watched it for the first time and I discovered that neither he nor your dad like Scarlett!!

Aaron: She’s awesome.  Catherine thinks so, too.  What movie did they watch?

*crickets* What movie did they watch?

Me: Duh. Gone With the Wind.  Seriously, you both like Scarlett?

Aaron: Oh, we were thinking of Scarlett Johansson.  Not quite the same person. LOL

Obviously I’m a failure as a mother.  And you can bet he’ll be watching GWTW this summer.

— 2 —

I’ve been on Celebrex for over two weeks now and I think my neck pain is maybe, possibly, a little bit better.  Of course it’s also possible that the pain is better because I’m doing absolutely nothing.  Seriously.  It’s all I can manage most days to get showered and dressed by the time John gets home from school.  I’ve dumped all the household responsibilities on Michael, and he hasn’t packed up and left yet, thank God.  And, yes, I know what this is.

— 3 —

Depression.  Not really a surprise since I’ve now been off work a year and I’m still in constant pain.  Really, it’s probably a surprise I held out this long.  My primary care physician wasn’t surprised.  All it took was one phone call and he’d called me in something.  I’ve been on that a little over two weeks, as well, and the jury’s still out.

— 4 —

John’s grades came home this week, or some of them did anyway.  The teacher I’ve had issues with most of the year, the one who is unable to use the online system every other teacher in the county uses to let parents and students track grades, missing assignments, etc?  Yeah, no grades listed for her classes – yes, he has her for two classes.  So I emailed her to get his grades.  She blamed an “issue with the system”.  In other words, she couldn’t figure out how to get any of her student’s grades into the computer system that everyone else uses.  I will be so glad when this school year is over.

— 5 —

On the complete other end of the teacher spectrum, we went to John’s choral concert Monday and it was wonderful.  His teacher has such a love for music, and for students, that she practically glows with it.  She dealt with a girl who got the giggles during her solo and caused all the girls around her to nearly fall apart, a boy who either tripped and fell or briefly passed out near the end of the concert, and multiple girls who blatantly flaunted the dress code (no bare shoulders or extremely short skirts).  She’s wonderful, and I’m glad John’s decided to be part of the chorus again next year.

— 6 —

I’m going to have a garden this year.  Raised beds made from pallets, just like on Pinterest.  Michael and John found some pallets that are perfect, and John stapled the landscape fabric into place for me.  Now all I have to do is supervise their filling with topsoil and the planting! And then hope that the mutant ninja squirrels and rabbits in my yard don’t think it’s their salad bar.

— 7 —

I feel like I’ve spent the last three years of my life waiting – waiting for relief from the pain.  And then this week so many of the blog posts I read spoke about this very issue, and offered suggestions for changing that pattern.  Here’s a lovely prayer I found:

Lord, Help me to stop waiting for what I am going to do tomorrow and open my eyes to what you are wanting me to do today. It is with open eyes to every opportunity I am finding in this waiting room that you are right there with me. You will bring revelation and sometimes that is one piece at a time. I will praise you in my waiting. You are a merciful and compassionate God that hears our prayers…even in the waiting rooms. ~ from Amy at Strong Tower

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One thought on “Scarlett Who?”

  1. What do you mean they don’t like Scarlett! I am Scarlett. I hate to think how many times I’ve watched that movie. You have the best husband in the world. Glad your pain is a “little” better. Good luck with your garden. Looking forward to all the details.

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